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Kamemon is a fictional character and Digimon from the anime Digimon Data Squad, as well as its related movies and video games.

The name "Kamemon" refers only to the Rookie form of this Digimon. Throughout the series, Kamemon gains the ability to digivolve into a number of more powerful forms, each with a different name and special attack. The Rookie level, however, is his preferred form and the one he spends most of his time in. It is also the name he is most commonly referred to.

Kamemon is partner to the DATS member Commander Homer Yushima.


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Kamemon is a Digimon who's constantly underfoot in DATS, kindly serving drinks to both human and Digimon alike. In Episode 18, Kamemon went into the Digital World with Homer Yushima to help Marcus Damon and the others with Merukimon. He reappeared with Homer in the Holy Capital and helped to defend it from Akihiro Kurata's Gizumon. Homer and Kamemon disguised themselves as doctors upon approaching Thomas H. Norstein's sister, Relena Norstein, only to be caught by Thomas who withdraws Kamemon into Homer's Data Link Digivice. When Thomas destroyed the Digimon Control Device that allowed Kurata to control Belphemon, Thomas freed Homer and Kamemon.

Other Forms[]


Gwappamon t

Gwappamon is Kamemon's Champion form. Kamemon first digivolved into this form in episode 18 to distract Merukimon so that the DATS team could go back to the real world. He later helped out in defending the Sacred City from the Gizumon XT. He also fought against Knightmon.


  • DJ Shooter: Throws CDs from his head.
  • Guappa Punch (Gawappa Punch): His arm elongates to punch the opponent.


5-42 01

Shawjamon[2] is Kamemon's Ultimate form. He first appears in episode 42, during the fight against numerous Knightmon to protect Thomas, Relena and Franz Norstein with MirageGaogamon, however, he is speedily defeated by LoadKnightmon.


  • Hydro Descent (降妖杖・滝の陣 Kouyoujou: Taki no Jin?, lit. "Kouyoujou: Waterfall Formation"): Strikes the ground with Kouyoujou to shatter it and release a raging current.


JumboGamemon dwds

JumboGamemon is Kamemon's Mega form.

Homer Yushima uses him during the final battle at the Dark Area, in his attempt to prove he is stronger than Marcus Damon, but Marcus and his team defeat JumboGamemon. Afterward, Marcus can challenge Yushima and Sampson's JumboGamemon and Kentaurosmon at the Ice Labyrinth. Digimon World Data Squad


  • Megaton Hydro Laser: Channels ultra-high speed water currents through his mouth-cannons.
  • Jumbo Jetter: Retracts his legs and fires both of his arm-cannons behind him, accelerating him into a spinning charge at the opponent.

Notes and References[]

  1. Kamemon obtains this form in Digimon World Data Squad
  2. Shawjamon is named "Shaujinmon" in Digimon World Data Squad.