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Kaito Shinonome (東雲カイト Shinonome Kaito?) is a main character in Digimon Survive.



The Shinonome family moved to the local area several years ago and it was Kaito's job to look after his younger sister Miu Shinonome when their parents were away. When they first arrived, Kaito was bullied and eventually the bullies started targeting Miu as well, which lead to Kaito angrily beating them up. After this Kaito became quiet and would glare at others with his sharp eyes, isolating himself from other people, obsessed with protecting his sister.[1] To try and stop Miu from going to the local shrine which is labelled as a "no go" zone, he accompanies Takuma Momozuka and his friends and winds up wandering into the other World. Kaito has a strong sense of justice and hates corrupt things, but tends to pick fights and prefers to go about his business alone as he doesn't like to rely on others. Kaito cares deeply for his sister, worrying for her all the time, but they often misunderstand each other because Kaito is clumsy at expressing himself.[2] Kaito's obsession with protecting Miu becomes even stronger whilst in the alternate World, leading him to become violent and hurt those around him.[1] This obsession also annoys Miu and causes her to rebel against him.[3] Dracmon helps Kaito calm down and think carefully before he acts.[4]


Kaito Shinonome (東雲カイト)

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