Jun Motomiya
(本宮 ジュン Motomiya Jun)
Jun Motomiya t
Appears in:Digimon Adventure 02
First appearance "Iron Vegiemon" [04]
Last appearance "A Million Points of Light" [50]
Actor(s):(Ja:) Kazusa Murai
(En:) Peggy O'Neal[1]
Age 17[2]
Grade 11th[2]
Gender Female
Known relatives Father
Davis Motomiya (Younger brother)
(En:) Grandfather
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student

Jun Motomiya (本宮 ジュン Motomiya Jun?) is Davis Motomiya's older sister.



In 1999, Jun lives with her parents and her younger brother, Davis Motomiya.

On August 3, she and her family are among Myotismon's hostages held at Big Sight. The Samurai of Sincerity

Jun is six years older than Davis Motomiya, and apparently likes to spread bad rumors about him. She is friends with Momoe and Chizuru Inoue. Jun commonly bugs Chizuru about the Teen-Age Wolves's whereabouts since she is in the same class as their vocalist, Yamato "Matt" Ishida. Jun and Momoe are in the same class and are big fans of the Teen-Age. She has a big crush on Yamato, but unfortunately the feeling is not mutual, but after seeing Jim Kido bring Davis home, she forgot about Matt and fell in love with him.[2]

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By the spring of 2003, she has become a DigiDestined and needs help in the Digital World. Hikari Yagami/Hikari's Introductory Course to Partners

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