Transcript for Digimon Adventure Episode 50: "Joe's Battle"[]


  • TK's narration: "During the fall we were separated from Izzy and Tai. We discovered that the Numemon were being forced by WaruMonzaemon to create the energy for the city above. As Kari started feeling better, this weird light appeared and made the Digis much stronger, and we were all able to free the Numemon. Tai and Izzy ran into Machinedramon, and he chased them right into us. The Numemon tried to stop him, but they were no match. Using the power of the light, WarGreymon was finally able to destroy Mr. Mean Metalhead! Phew! I'm just glad Kari's okay now."

Joe, Gomamon, Mimi, Palmon, Ogremon, Gekomon, Otamamon, Frigimon, and Meramon watch Machinedramon's City Zone disappear from Spiral Mountain.

  • Mimi: "Boy, just when you think it can't any weirder! It's like the city is moving out of town."
  • Joe: "And I thought it was tough packing for camp."
  • Gomamon: "Tai must have defeated another Dark Master."
  • Palmon: "There can't be too many of them left. We're almost home free."
  • Ogremon: "You think so, huh? The toughest one's still out there."
  • Frigimon: "Piedmon--the worst of the worst."
  • Meramon: "Aye, he's the darkest of the Dark Masters."
  • Mimi: "Well, like rain on our parade, why don't you?"
  • Joe: "They're right. We'll need all the help we can get. "I wonder if superheroes are listed in the phone book. Let's find some friends, Mimi."

The group starts trudging back up Spiral Mountain.

  • Gomamon: "Joe, why is it we're always walking uphill?"
  • Ogremon: (feeling the chill coming from Frigimon) "Yeaah! It's freezing! Hey, do you mind? I'm starting to get numb back here Give me a little room, will ya?!" (Frigimon backs up, but Ogremon almost bumps into Meramon) "You too, you walking barbecue!"
  • Joe: "The walking uphill I can deal with, but I sure could use a pair of earplugs,"

Mimi begins to pant as she continues walking. She dramatically collapses on her knees.

  • Mimi: "I'm hungry, I'm tired, and my feet hurt,"
  • Joe: "Mimi, I don't know what to do if you're like this."
  • Gekomon: "Did you hear? Princess Mimi just said that she was hungry."
  • Otamamon: "Don't worry, princess. We'll be back with food before you know it,"

Otamamon and Gekomon begin walking towards the forest.

  • Mimi: "Don't put yourselves out, but if you're going, a chili dog with fries would be great."
  • Gekomon:"Yes, of course the princess will be wanting to drink,"
  • Otamamon:"That's right. Don't you worry about a thing, Princess Mimi. We'll be right back, 'kay?"
  • Joe: "No, wait! Come back!"
  • Frigimon: "Not a bad idea. I think I'll tag along." (following Gekmon and Otamamon)
  • Mimi: "Wow, everybody's being so nice, so sweet."
  • Palmon: (smiling) "It must be because of your charming personality,"
  • Ogremon: "Something tells me we should just nod our heads and go along."
  • Meramon: "Yeah, right," .
  • Gomamon: (smirking) "Come on, admit it, Joe! Say it. She's charming."
  • Joe: (blushing) "She's not charming! I mean, she is! I'm not going to have this conversation!"

Mimi and Palmon both laughed at Joe's embarrassment. After some time, Gekomon, Otamamon, and Frigimon come back with some food and drink

  • Gekomon: "Yoo-hoo! We're back!"
  • Mimi: "I don't believe it! Wow! Hey, my favorite! (picking up a bottle of root beer) Oh, this root beer's warm."
  • Frigimon: "Not for long! (cooling the root beer then handing it back to Mimi) How's that?"
  • Meramon: (cooking some fish with his hands) "There we go. Come on, get it while it's hot!"
  • Ogremon: "Okay, okay, I'll admit it. Guess you guys are kinda handy"

Everyone feasts on the meal, then falls asleep. Joe starts dreaming.

(Joe's dream)

  • Joe: "Jim, what are you doing here?"
  • Jim: "I'm just a figment of your dream, Joe. You're still not sure, are you? (Joe hangs his head) I didn't think so."
  • Joe: "I don't know what I want. I mean, dad wants me to be a doctor just like him, but I'm not sure what I want to do."
  • Jim: "Joe, it's your life, not his. So, listen up. You have to find your own path."
  • Joe: "How am I gonna do that, Jim?"
  • Jim: "I can't help you there, Joe. That's something you need to figure out for yourself."

Joe's wakes from sleep.

  • Joe: "Find my own path ... (walking up to Ogremon, who has been keeping watch) "Hey, Ogremon."
  • Ogremon: (mumbling to himself) "Two plus two is four ... Four plus four is seven... Hey!"
  • Joe: "Take a rest. I'll stand guard for a while,"
  • Ogremon: "You? Are you sure you can handle it, little guy?"
  • Joe: "What do you mean? I can handle it fine!"
  • Ogremon:"You can't even handle combing your own hair, but I could use a break,"
  • Joe: "Jim's right, 'm a doormat. Good for a laugh, a joke. Yeah, good ol' Joe. You can always rely on him to fall into the mud or a cliff. Well, not anymore. It's time for a brand-new Joe."

Scene cuts to Piedmon's Wasteland Zone of Spiral Mountain.

  • Piedmon: "How delightfully entertaining this is! I always get so excited before tragedy strikes!"

Tai, Koromon, Sora, Biyomon, Izzy, Tentomon and Andromon are nearing the peak of Spiral Mountain. Kari and Gatomon are making a memorial for the Numemon in the form of a mound. TK and Patamon come over to help.

  • Kari: "TK?"

TK smiles at Kari, and Kari smiles back. The two continue their work until the monument is completed. They then kneel and gather their hands in prayer.

  • Kari: "Thank you, Numemon, we'll never forget you. You'll always be in our hearts and our memory."

Patamon and Gatomon also join in the prayer.

  • TK: "And don't worry, we'll make sure you get reborn in Primary Village."

Meanwhile, Sora and Tai have arrived atop Spiral Mountain.

  • Sora: "Ever notice how we're always walking uphill?"
  • Tai: "Okay, nice view but what're we looking for?" Tai
  • Sora: "That over there! (pointing at Piedmon's observatory) "If that doesn't look like a bad guy's hangout I don't know what does."

From within the observatory, Piedmon watches them through his screen with a glass of brandy in hand.

  • Piedmon: "Hmph. Remarkable little specimens. I'm really rather embarrassed that they made it this far"

Two glowing red eyes appear from the shadows, suspended upside down and mid-air. A seductive female voice echoes across the observatory.

  • LadyDevimon: "Oh please, please Lord Piedmon, Let me punish them."

From the shadows emerges LadyDevimon, Piedmon's second-in-command. She has the appearance of a enchanting young woman with pale, alabaster white skin and long silver hair. Her skin-tight black leather attire is strategically torn in multiple places, as if to show off her voluptuous form.

  • Piedmon: "Very well, but try to make it quick and relatively painful."
  • LadyDevimon: "Your wish is my command." (LadyDevimon flies off).

Scene cuts to back to Joe's group, where Mimi is waking up, refreshed from sleep.

  • Mimi: "Okay, I'm rested and ready to work off that snack, so let's go, go, go!"
  • Palmon: "You know, when Mimi's in a good mood, it's hard to be around her and not be happy, too"
  • Mimi: "It's just my little gift to the world!"
  • Gomamon: "You're awfully quiet, Joe. What's wrong?"
  • Joe: "Nothing,"
  • Gomamon:"I don't believe you,"
  • Mimi: (arriving at and looking over the desolate ruins of Primary Village)"Oh no! Joe! This is awful!"
  • Joe: "It looks like an old Twilight Zone episode."
  • Ogremon: "I told you not to expect too much."
  • Mimi: "The color is all missing!"
  • Joe: "Pretty depressing. Unless you're a fan of charcoal."
  • Mimi: (looking over the the Digi-eggs, which have all been cracked and drained of color) "I can't believe anybody would do such a terrible thing, smashing all those poor, defenseless Digi-eggs. It's terrible."

Joe stops in his track.

  • Mimi: "What is it, Joe?"
  • Joe: "I heard something, Over there!" (Joe races to the source of the sound of harmonica echoing from a distance)
  • Gomamon: "Joe, wait!" (Gomamon follows after Joe)
  • Mimi: "Was that a harmonica?"
  • Palmon: "You think it's-"
  • Mimi: "Matt!" (also running)

The rest of the group also starts running.

  • Ogremon: "Where are they headed? Hey, wait for us!"

The scene cuts back to Tai's group, where Izzy is plugging in his laptop into Andromon.

  • Izzy: "That's it. We're ready."
  • Tai: "That's great, Izzy, but ready for what?"
  • Izzy: "Hang on a second and you will see. Okay, Andromon, show us your stuff!"
  • Andromon: (kneeling) "Engage heat conduction,"
  • Tai: "I don't get what's happening."

Izzy's laptop lights up with a graphic of Spiral Mountain.

  • Izzy: "It's really rather simple. Andromon acquires geothermal energy directly from the ground."
  • Koromon: "Way cool!"
  • Biyomon: "Hey, that's Spiral Mountain, isn't it?"
  • Tentomon: "This is like having our own portable microwave."
  • Izzy: "There, look, that's where we are right now; right on top."

A red dot flashes on the screen, in its representation of Spiral Mountain's peak.

  • Tai: "That doesn't make sense. How did we get up there?"
  • Kari: "I'm sure glad I can't see down. I don't like high places," Kari said.
  • T.K.:"It's like Chuumon said. The most powerful Dark Master is way on top on Spiral Mountain."
  • Sora: "See? I told you we were close.
  • Tai: "We'll give you a medal later"
  • Andromon: "Intruder warning. Interloper detected,"
  • Izzy: "Huh?"

LadyDevimon flies down to greet them, laughing seductively.

  • LadyDevimon: Welcome, adorable little boys!

The boys ogle at LadyDevimon's bewitching appearance, their jaws hanging open. However, the girls are livid at LadyDevimon's mockingly flirtatious demeanor. They glare at her, clenching their fists.

  • Sora: "We should've known there'd be a welcoming committee."
  • Kari: "She looks like a witch."
  • Andromon: "She's worse, she's one of Piedmon's nightmare soldiers."
  • LadyDevimon: "No hellos? Well I'm sure you're tired you poor things, you need a rest (raising her claws) A nice long rest!"
  • Koromon: "Oh yeah?!" (Koromon leaps up towards LadyDevimon).
  • Tai: "Koromon!"

(Digivolution theme)


Tai's Digivice beams a light high above.

"Koromon Digivolve to...Agumon!"


  • Agumon: "Pepper Breath!"

Agumon unleashes a breath of flames directly onto LadyDevimon's face fires at point black range, but the flames simply dissipate against LadyDevimon, leaving not so much as a singe. Smiling, LadyDevimon brings down her claws at Agumon, leaving behind a trail of dark red energy where they pass. Agumon screams in pain and hits the ground hard.

  • Tai: (running over to Agumon) "Agumon!"

Digivolution theme (Split Screen)


"Patamon Digivolve to…

"Biyomon Digivolve to…"

"Tentomon Digivolve to…"

"Gatomon Digivolve to…"






Angemon, Birdramon, Kabuterimon, and Angewomon all simultaneously swarm around LadyDevimon.

  • LadyDevimon: (laughing flirtatously) "You couldn't just wait for me to dote on you one-by-one, could you? DARKNESS WAVE!"

LadyDevimon performs an elegant mid-air pirouette, summoning a screeching horde of ravenous, demonic bats, cackling with unholy energies. The swarm engulfs Angemon, Birdramon, Kabuterimon, and Angewomon, who all scream in pain as they are overwhelmed by the bats. However, before LadyDevimon can press her advantage, Andromon intervenes.

  • Andromon: "Lightning Blade!"

Andromon launches a crescent-shaped blast of white-hot electricity at LadyDevimon. However, LadyDevimon swats aside the attack with an elegant flick of her wrist, smirking.

  • Kabuterimon: "Electro Shocker!"
  • Birdramon: "Meteor Wing!"

LadyDevimon effortlessly extinguishes these attacks without even looking at them with a mere wave of her hands.

  • LadyDevimon: (laughing) "I'm sorry, are we just pretending? Let me know when you're ready."
  • Angemon: "Hand of Fate!"

Angemon shoots out an energy beam from his fist, and this time, LadyDevimon sidesteps the attack. However, this movement forces her directly into the path of Angewomon's attack.

  • Angewomon: "Celestial Arrow!"

A gleaming arrow of holy lightning flies from Angewomon's bow and grazes LadyDevimon's side. LadyDevimon winces in pain and glares at Angewomon. However, LadyDevimon quickly recovers from the pain and flies directly at Angewomon. Angewomon gasps in surprise, but LadyDevimon is too fast. LadyDevimon delivers a punishing uppercut on Angewomon's jaw, knocking her down. This forces Kabuterimon and Birdramon come to Angewomon's rescue.

Back on ground, Agumon is back on his feet.

  • Agumon: "It's my turn!"
  • Tai: (holding out his arm in front of Agumon) "No, wait! We'll keep you in reserve!"
  • Agumon: "Let me Warp Digivolve and I can take care of this black and white nightmare!"
  • Tai: (turning to Izzy) "Izzy, what does your Digimon Analyzer say about her?"
  • Izzy:"Well, let's see,"
  • Analyzer: "LadyDevimon. Programmed to be the Ultimate Digivolved fighting solider, she serves as gatekeeper and bodyguard for the last Dark Master."
  • Tai: "Seriously nasty, we've gotta do this right. Sora, you and TK take Angemon and Birdramon, find Matt and bring him back."
  • Sora: "What, you want us to leave right in the middle of a fight?"

Even as they speak, LadyDevimon is routing the group. She effortlessly swats aside Birdramon and Kabuterimon, laughing.

  • Tai: "Go, we'll manage from here, we have no choice and if worse comes to worse we'll always have a trump card: WarGreymon!"
  • Agumon: "Oh, I'm a trump card, huh?"
  • Tai: "The time's come to stop acting like a bunch of children. We're facing the last of the Dark Masters,"
  • Izzy: "Piedmon…"
  • Tai: "Right, we don't know where he'll strike or when, but it'll be somewhere close by and soon. (Tai recalls memories of Piedmon easily deflecting WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon's attacks were easily then taking them down with his Trump Sword) And he's strong, we know that, real strong. This won't be just another fight, this one for keeps, we've got to be ready for him."
  • TK: So that's why you want us to go, to find my brother and bring him back before Piedmon shows up.
  • Izzy: Yeah, Tai's looking at the big picture. It's not about this fight but the next one, you see?
  • Sora: Sort of.
  • Tai: Bases loaded, two outs and we need a slam dunk.
  • Sora: Huh?
  • Tai: All we've been doing if facing each threat as it comes, barely holding on, now we've got to put it all together as a team that means Matt, Mimi, and Joe, too. We've let enough Digimon sacrifice themselves for us, it's our turn now.
  • Sora: (smiling at Tai) You're right.

Back in the battle, Kabuterimon and Birderamon's sacrifice has given Angewomon enough time to re-enter the battle against LadyDevimon.

  • Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

Angewomon aims another arrow at LadyDevimon. However, LadyDevimon agility allows her to easily dodge Angewomon's arrows in a one-on-one setting, flying circles around Angewomon while laughing and taunting her.

  • Angewomon: Go Angemon!
  • Angemon: Alright! Come on Birdramon!

Angemon and Birdramon fly away, carrying T.K. and Sora. Angewomon smiles LadyDevimon lands a flying kick on Angewomon's back with her platform heels.

  • LadyDevimon: (sarcastically) Whoops, sorry Blondie.

Angewomon grunts in surprise as LadyDevimon's kick sends her careening out the sky. Angewomon eventually crashes against a rocky cliff with a yelp of pain, the force of LadyDevimon's kick causing her to leave cracks against the stone surface.

LadyDevimon laughs at Angewomon as Angewomon struggles to extricate herself from the mountainside. Angewomon clenches her fist as she glares at LadyDevimon.

  • Angewomon: "Now you're in for it!"

Angewomon kicks off against cliff and lunges at LadyDevimon, landing an uppercut on LadyDevimon's chin. LadyDevimon recoils from the blow but recovers swiftly, landing a devastating haymaker on Angewomon's abdomen with her claws. Angewomon's body trembles from the pain as she groans, backing away from LadyDevimon, clenching her teeth and fists. LadyDevimon also assumes a battle stance, as she and Angewomon glare at each other in hatred.

As the melee between LadyDevimon and Angewomon continues, Angemon and Birdramon escape the scene, carrying T.K. and Sora.

  • TK: See you soon Tai!
  • Sora: Don't worry we'll find Matt, and Mimi, and Joe and be back before you know it!
  • Tai: Try and hurry; this is kind of important!
  • Sora: I'll do the best I can!

The scene returns to Joe, Gomamon, Mimi, and Palmon, who have found Elecmon playing Matt's harmonica.

  • Joe: "Oh, so it was you. We thought it was someone else."
  • Elecmon: "Yeah, I'm sure you did. It's always the same thing. I'm just a constant source of disappointment to everybody. Hey, how's Patamon and TK? They alright?"
  • Joe: "Yeah. And I know the both of them will be really happy to see you, Elecmon."
  • Palmon: "Yeah, not that we're not, of course."
  • Elecmon: "Yeah, right. I'm sure. Nice try."
  • Mimi: "Hey, I know, why don't you come along with us?" .
  • Elecmon: "Huh?"
  • Mimi: "Yeah, we're gonna defeat those creepy Dark Masters once and for all, and fix up Primary Village, too."
  • Palmon: "We need all the friends we can get. I know we don't look like much now, but maybe with your help, we can do it."
  • Elecmon: "Take on the Dark Masters?Think I'll pass. I may be down, but want to be out."
  • Joe: "For your information, we've taken them on. In fact, we already defeated most of them."
  • Gomamon: "TK and Patamon have really been incredible."
  • Elecmon: "TK and Patamon? Those sweet kids are mixing it up with the Dark Masters? Okay, if they're crazy enough to fight them, then I am, too! (looking up a the group, grinning) You twisted my arm."

Mimi laughed.

  • Elecmon: "Frankly, you guys are lucky to have gotten this far without me."
  • Ogremon: (sarcastically) "Oh, is that right?"
  • Joe: "By the way, Elecmon, where'd you get that harmonica?"
  • Elecmon: "This thing? I found it on the beach. Somebody must have dropped it."
  • Joe: "Can I take a look at it?"

Elecmon obliged him and hands it to him.

  • Joe: "Oh, yeah. It's definitely Matt's."
  • Mimi: "That means he must be around here somewhere, or he was.You think he might have got across?"
  • Gomamon: "That's a long way to swim," "
  • Elecmon: "Now that you mentioned it, I saw somebody cross the water last night. I thought it was one of those Nightmare Soldiers fooling around. Come to think of it, they probably wouldn't be using a boat shaped like a swan."
  • Mimi: "It was a swan?" .
  • Joe: "That settles it. It had to have been Matt. I can just picture it now. Listen, Mimi."
  • Mimi: "Yeah?"
  • Joe: "You got a lot of friends now, will you be okay if Gomamon and I go off for a while?"
  • Mimi: "Huh? What do you mean, go off for a while? Go where?" .
  • Joe: "I don't know. I guess wherever's Matt's gone to."
  • Mimi:"Okay, I'll come along with you and help you find him,"
  • Joe: "Not this time. Just Gomamon can go."
  • Mimi: "Come on, what are you talking about?"
  • Joe: "We each have our own path to follow."
  • Mimi: "What does that mean?"
  • Joe: "Tai knows what he's doing. He knows where he fits in, and so do you. So do the others, but I don't. Look, I know we're in the fight of our lives. Part of me knows I should stay and help, But I-I want you to count on me. If I'm unreliable, then Gomamon can't fully Digivolve. We're like circus clowns. We just get in the way. Don't look at me like that, you know it's true. I'm gonna figure this out. They don't call me 'Old Reliable' for nothing."
  • Gomamon: "But they don't."
  • Joe: "I'll ignore that. I think Matt was searching for the same thing when he left, and I want to know if he found it somewhere out there." He looked out to the lake. "Then again, it might be a total waste of time. It's just an idea."
  • Gomamon: "If you feel that strongly about it, it's gotta be the right thing."
  • Mimi: "You sure about this, Joe?"
  • Ogremon: "Let the kid go his own way,"
  • Gomamon: "I'm with you, buddy,"
  • Ogremon: "He's stronger than he looks,"

Mimi smiled and nodded.

Meanwhile, Angewomon and LadyDevimon have still been locked in their fierce battle. LadyDevimon continues to overpower Angewomon with her superior battle-savvy and cunning. Angewomon's composure is beginning to crack from all of LadyDevimon's mock flirtations, caresses, and laughs.

  • LadyDevimon: "Darkness Wave!"

LadyDevimon twirls once more in the air and unleashes yet another swarm of bat-like familiars. Angewomon stretches out her arms in front of her and forms a thin barrier of holy energy before her. Angewomon grunts from the exertion of maintaining the barrier, even as LadyDevimon's familiars continue to batter against it. Angewomon's hair, wings, and dress billow are billowing and beginning to tear in the dark vortex created by LadyDevimon's attack, but it initially appears as if Angewomon might be able to weather the dark storm.

However, while Angewomon is struggling to repel her Darkness Wave, LadyDevimon emerges from the shadows behind Angewomon. LadyDevimon now has access to Angewomon's defenseless backside, but LadyDevimon decides to continue tormenting and toying with Angewomon instead of finishing her off. LadyDevimon grabs Angewomon by her trailing blonde locks and lifts her up by her hair. Helpless, Angewomon screams in agony and humiliation as LadyDevimon begins spinning her around in the air like a contestant at a hammer toss.

Kari and Izzy gasp in horror as LadyDevimon spins even faster, swingingthe helpless Angewomon by her hair like a rag doll.

  • LadyDevimon: (laughing) Round and round and round we go!
  • Angewomon: (shrieking from pain and humiliation): ARGHH, AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

[Izzy's Crest of Knowledge releases a brilliant glow and his Digivice vibrates rapidly and turns solid purple.]

  • Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon Digivolve to...MegaKabuterimon!!!!

MegaKabuterimon flies towards Angewomon to rescue her, even as LadyDevimon continues to torment the defenseless Angewomon.

  • LadyDevimon: (giggling) Never did like that bleached look!

LadyDevimon finally throws Angewomon away, sending her hurtling uncontrollably across the sky. MegaKabuterimon manages to save Angewomon by to catch her in his four arms.

  • MegaKabuterimon: Gotcha!
  • Angewomon: Let me go, let me at her!

Livid, Angewomon angrily shoves MegaKabuterimon aside, kicking off from him to launch herself at LadyDevimon.

  • Angewomon: "It's on now, bitch!"

Angewomon then slaps LadyDevimon in the cheek, causing her porcelain skin to flash an angry red. Her eyes narrowing dangerously, LadyDevimon slaps Angewomon back.

  • LadyDevimon: "What's it to you?"

Now blinded by their fury and hatred for each other, Angewomon and LadyDevimon frantically exchange slaps in rapid succession, all the while grunting, screaming, and cursing at each other,

  • Tai: Wow, look at 'em go!
  • Izzy: I know I shouldn't watch this…but…I can't take my eyes off!
  • Kari: (pumping her fists) Get her Angewomon, knock that witch's block off, go!
  • LadyDevimon: Enough of this!

Twisting her body mid-air, LadyDevimon lands a decisive roundhouse kick on Angewomon that knocks Angewomon out. The catfight draws to an end with LadyDevimon's victory. Angewomon plummets from the sky and crashes against the ground with a final, piteous moan. The force of LadyDevimon's kick is such that Angewomon's collision with the ground sends up a mushroom cloud of smoke and creates an impact crater where Angewomon has landed. LadyDevimon looks down on the form of the defeated Angewomon, savoring her triumph before finishing Angewomon off.

  • LadyDevimon: (smiling) "This game is over! You're grounded, Goldilocks! Black Wing!"

LadyDevimon's large claw transforms into a spear as she dives towards Angewomon. Angewomon begins to stir feebly on the ground, but can do little more than to wait for the end, completely defenseless. Angewomon gasps helplessly as LadyDevimon approaches. However, MegaKabuterimon once again saves Angewomon's life at the last moment. He intercepts LadyDevimon's attack with his armored carapace, causing LadyDevimon's spear to snap.

  • LadyDevimon: "You broke it!"
  • MegaKabuterimon: "Aww, send me the bill."

However, Angewomon once again berates MegaKabuterimon for interfering by saving her life.

  • Angewomon: "That's enough! Get out of the way!"
  • MegaKabuterimon: "S... sorry!"

Angewomon flies up to face LadyDevimon once again.

  • Angewomon: (emitting a bright pink light) "You're right LadyDevimon, this game is over!"
  • LadyDevimon: (regenerating her spear) "Not yet! Darkness-"
  • Angewomon: "Heaven's Charm!"

Angewomon releases a pink energy beam in the shape of a cross.

  • LadyDevimon: "I'm melting!"

LadyDevimon's form blurs, then scatters into dark, bat-shaped data fragments that fly away so that she can regenerate elsewhere.

  • Kari: "YIPPEE!"

MegaKabuterimon and Angewomon fly back to their partners. Completely exhausted, Angewomon de-digivolves back into Gatomon before collapsing into Kari's arms, eyes closed. MegaKabuterimon de-digigolves back into Tentomon as Izzy check his back.

  • Tentomon: "How's my back can you see anything, I hope it didn't leave a scar."

Tai and Agumon sees a Piedmon approaching on the horizon.

  • Agumon: Tai, you see what I see?!
  • Tai: It's him!
  • Tai: It doesn't look good, that's for sure!
  • Izzy: The guy's not exactly in a hurry, is he?
  • Tai: Suit up, Agumon; you're on!
  • Agumon: It's about time! Agumon Warp Digivolve to…WarGreymon!
  • WarGreymon: I'm ready.
  • Tai: Remember he's strong, we don't even know how strong.
  • WarGreymon: No problem, at this rate I'm worried about dying of old age!
  • Tai: It's okay; the longer he draws this out, the better for us. No offense WarGreymon but you can only hold him off for so long. We're gonna need everybody for this one. TK and Sora… Mimi…Mio and our Digiimon allies.: And Matt…and good old reliable Joe. I'd say let him take his time.
  • WarGreymon: Okay, okay, but this waiting gets on my nerves.

Piedmon chuckles as he approaches the Digi-Destined.

  • Narrator: Can the Digi-destined really defeat Piedmon, the most powerful villain in the Digi-World. Tune in for the next Digimon, Digital Monsters.

End of Episode.[]