JewelBeemon is an Insect Digimon. It is a jewel beetle-like Digimon which emits a rainbow-colored radiance. Its prism-like armor, which changes color with the viewing angle, is not only sturdy but also has the effect of dazzling the enemy's eyes. As a grappling expert, it prefers beautiful battles.[3]


  • Spike Buster: Swings the spear it holds in its right hand at the speed of light, generating a shock wave.
  • Shot Claw


JewelBeemon is an insectoid Digimon with a humanoid body structure. Its body is covered in prism-like armor that has different colors at different viewing angles and has multiple round jewels embedded in it. It has two insect-like wings on its back and two thin antennae on its head, as well as long, white hair.


JewelBeemon (ジュエルビーモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Battle[]

JewelBeemon is a Vaccine Ultimate Digimon who is the Ultimate level for the Wormmon line attained at level 31, digivolving from Stingmon, and digivolving to GranKuwagamon. It also has a card digivolution line, in which it digivolves to GrandisKuwagamon instead. It has a stat build of 2 STR-4 CON-1 DEX-1 INT, and it has the "Rush" trait. Jewelbeemon's Skill 1 is Shot Claw, which is a proximity single target skill, and its Skill 2 is Spike Buster, which is a distant single target skill.

Digimon Masters[]

JewelBeemon digivolves from Stingmon at LVL 25, and can digivolve to GrandisKuwagamon at LVL 41.

Digimon Heroes![]

JewelBeemon is card 5-586.

Digimon Soul Chaser[]

JewelBeemon digivolves from Stingmon and can digivolve to BanchoStingmon.

Digimon New Cetury[]

JewelBeemon digivolves from Stingmon and can digivolve to BanchoStingmon.

Digimon Survive[]

Main article: JewelBeemon (Survive)

Free JewelBeemon evolves from Flymon and Kabuterimon and can evolve to HerculesKabuterimon and BanchoStingmon. If Takuma Momozuka is able to befriend a JewelBeemon and asks it for an item, it will give him a Superpower Pineapple.

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