Jesmon X
(ジエスモンX抗体 Jesmon X-Antibody)
Jesmon X b
Level Mega
Type Holy Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Debut Digimon Reference Book
(August 24, 2018)
Royal Knights

Jesmon X is a Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. The X-Antibody has transformed it into a form further specializing in offense, and turned the armor covering its body into blades. The multiple blades it has newly equipped are all capable of independent movement, giving Jesmon X the attack power to one-sidedly overwhelm the opponent in single combat. Not only that, its three programs "At", "Rene", and "Pol" have all awakened and unified as the single "Tactical Arms", giving rise to a new battle style that is aimed at all directions, not leaving a single spot untouched.[1]


  • Iron-Fist Judgement (鉄拳断罪 Tekken Danzai?): Shoots out its "Tactical Arms", pummelling the opponent with an iron fist that would make Gankoomon proud.
  • Schwertflügel (Deu: Sword Wing): Fires off the swords all over its body at the opponent, unleashing a combo-attack with the greatswords on both of its arms.
  • Kyūkyoku Senjin Seibaken (究極戦刃聖覇剣 Ultimate-Battle-Blade Seibaken?, lit. "Holy Conqueror Sword"): Pulls the "Kyūkyoku Senjin Seibaken" out the from the Digicore in its chest as its non-lethal trump card, destroying only the fighting spirit of any opponent it cuts, leaving them unable to battle.



Jesmon X-Antibody (ジエスモンX抗体)

Standard naming scheme for Digimon who are not natural carriers of the X-Antibody. Base name shares official romanization with Jesmon. English media shortens "X-Antibody" to "X".


Digimon Chronicle X

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Jesmon X Anti-body digivolves from Jesmon.

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