J.P. Shibayama
(柴山 純平 Shibayama Junpei)
J.P. Shibayama t
Appears in:Digimon Frontier
Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01
First appearance "All Aboard" [01]
Latest appearance "End of the Line" [50]
Actor(s):(Ja:) Masato Amada
(En:) Steven Blum
Digivice(s):Yellow and blue D-Tector
Trait(s):Thunder ( Ikazuchi?)
Digimon Forms
Grade (Ja:) 6th
(En:) 7th
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese

J.P. Shibayama (柴山 純平 Shibayama Junpei?) is a main character in the Digimon anime series Digimon Frontier. He is one of the "DigiDestined", children who were chosen to receive the ability to transform into Digimon in order to save the Digital World.



J.P. is the oldest member of the group, and was the one who was chosen to wield the Spirits of Thunder. This allows J.P. to use AncientBeetlemon's power to turn into two Digimon forms which use mainly electricity attacks.

At the start of the series, J.P. shows some jealousy towards Takuya Kanbara, the main character of this series for being Tommy Himi's hero and being able to combine both of his Digimon forms into one more powerful form. He also shows feelings for Zoe Orimoto, the only female of the group. Though his interest in Zoe is seemingly not returned, they do become closer as the series progresses. J.P. also seems to have a hidden fear of being alone—despite being constantly surrounded by people when he was in the real world, he felt that he had never really been anyone's real friend.

This fear spawned some rather obnoxious behavior in the earlier parts of the series. As the series progresses, J.P. learns to confront his fears, and begins to see the other members of the group as real friends. He also overcomes the jealousy he feels towards Takuya.

Early on in the series, it is revealed that J.P. is afraid of thunder, making it ironic that all of his Spirits are of the electric type. The Odd One Out

As Beetlemon, he is a playable character in Digimon Battle Spirit 2.

Digimon Forms

J.P. wields AncientBeetlemon's power through the Spirits of Thunder. In Digimon Battle Spirit 2, J.P. can become AncientBeetlemon himself as a "finishing" move. If Beetlemon fills up his power meter, he can warp digivolve into AncientBeetlemon and fire a huge lightning bolt at his opponent.


Beetlemon t
H Spirit of Thunder b

H Spirit of Thunder

J.P. becomes this Digimon when he uses the Human Spirit of Thunder. Beetlemon (Ja: Blitzmon) is a large humanoid digimon who has a large horn on his head. He is capable of flight, and is covered in a blue and yellow armor-like exoskeleton. The armor plates just above his knees bear the insignia of AncientBeetlemon.

Beetlemon is significantly larger than the other digimon formed from Human Spirit digivolutions, and appears to have more raw, non-elemental strength. Beetlemon first appeared while the group was at the Wind Factory. Snimon, and his Goblimon had been using the spirit as a power source. After J.P. received it, he digivolved into Beetlemon and scanned the Snimon.

After defeating a Volcamon in Sakkakumon, a dark-colored Beetlemon representing J.P.'s darkness appears out of his shadow. He tries to make J.P. think that none of his friends care about him, that they only hang out with him because of his magic tricks and chocolate. None of these work, and J.P. spirit evolves into MetalKabuterimon, though the other Beetlemon responds in the same.[citation needed]

When the Old Clock Shop Man summons the heroes of the past to the Xros Wars universe to help take down Quartzmon, Beetlemon shows up with MegaGargomon to assist in the DigiQuartz. A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!

J.P. fights in this form in Digimon Battle Spirit 2.


  • Lightning Blitz (Lightning Topper): Beetlemon's horn emits a powerful electric charge.
  • Thunder Fist (Thor Hammer): A powerful electrified punch is launched at the enemy.
  • Proton Slam (Mjöllnir Thunder): Beetlemon tackles the enemy while his body is charged with electricity.


MetalKabuterimon t
B Spirit of Thunder b

B Spirit of Thunder

This is the form J.P. assumes when he uses the Beast Spirit of Thunder. MetalKabuterimon's entire body is covered in armor, and has two cannons form arms and one larger cannon on his head. J.P. obtains the Beast Spirit from Whamon, and quickly uses it to destroy Grumblemon.

When J.P. evolves into MetalKabuterimon against his shadow, that Beetlemon is unimpressed and also slide evolves into MetalKabuterimon. Though the other MetalKabuterimon attempts to demoralize him with clones of his friends, the real Takuya, Zoe, Koji and Tommy appear, and they provide encouragement. Bolstered, he destroys the other MetalKabuterimon with a close range Electron Cannon.

This is J.P.'s digivolution in Digimon Battle Spirit 2.


  • Bolo Thunder (Ultimate Thunder): MetalKabuterimon releases from both his arms energy that resembles a two-weight bola.
  • Electron Cannon (Field Destroyer): A powerful electric blast that can be fired from his horn to a distance. This attack requires a brief charging period.


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