Ivan (イワン Iwan?) is the strong man of the Bio-Hybrid trio consisting of himself, Kouki Tsubasa and Nanami. Ivan seems to have difficulty with holding his inner thoughts, and tends to blurt out what he's thinking without realizing it.


Digimon Data Squad[]

After meeting her for the first time, he developed a crush on Yoshino Fujieda. After gaining his ability to assume his final form, this prompted him to engage Rosemon in a duel for Yoshino's love, only for him to be defeated at their hands.

Ivan is a mercenary, and underwent his transformation into a Bio-Hybrid for the sake of money to support his many brothers and sisters in Russia. When King Drasil attacked the human world, Ivan sent his D.N.A. to support the DATS against the god, alongside his siblings.

Digimon forms[]


BioStegomon t


BioStegomon is Ivan's first Digimon form, possesing strength as well as durability. He is based on the Armor Digimon Stegomon. Ivan assumes this form through "Hyper Bio Evolution".


  • Shell Needle Rain: Fires off the numerous spikes on his back.
  • Guillotine Wheel: Spins, turning into a living saw and slicing with his row of spikes.



BioSupinomon is BioStegomon's next stage, based on Spinomon, which Ivan assumes through "Hyper Bio Extra Evolution". BioSupinomon has armor and rows of detachable spikes on his body.

When Kurata gave an upgrade to the Bio-Hybrids, BioSupinomon is born. When Yoshino refused to love Ivan, he transformed into BioSupinomon to fight Rosemon. During the battle, a Yasyamon attacked BioSupinomon, and he cold-heartedly killed Yasyamon by impaling him with his sword. Rosemon was almost weakened by BioSupinomon's Blue Promenice, but finished him off with a Forbidden Temptation, reverting him back to Ivan. Ivan told Yoshino he was working for Kurata to earn money for his family.


  • Blue Prominence: Breathes a burst of blue-hot flames.
  • Sonic Slash Rain: Fires off the main row of spikes on his back.
  • I wanna walk arm and arm with you through the park claw
  • I wanna go boating together in the pond blaster
  • I wanna drink a smoothie at the mall sharing one straw bomber

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