Impmon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. He is featured as a main character in Digimon Tamers and its associated media. He is the Digimon partner of Ai and Mako, but temporarily becomes Jeri Katou's partner when they go missing in 2021.

During the early planning of the series, WiZ suggested Impmon as Takato Matsuki's Partner, but Chiaki J. Konaka wanted to begin the story with an innocent Digimon.[5]


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In the English dub, he speaks with a New York accent.


Impmon is a trouble-making Digimon who spends most of his time picking on humans. He harasses the Tamers and their Digimon (Terriermon later briefly fights back and sends him flying). Impmon seems to dislike humans, saying that no "self-respecting Digimon" would ever ally themselves to one. Later scenes would show that Impmon is in fact the Digimon partner of two children; Ai and Mako. Impmon ran away from the two after they continuously quarreled over him, treating him as if he were a toy.

Impmon resents the Tamers and their Digimon because they, unlike him, are able to digivolve. He tries to prove himself by fighting Indramon, despite Renamon's warnings, but suffers a devastating and painful defeat. Being humiliated and having his ego crushed, Impmon readily accepts the Caturamon's offer. Impmon would gain the ability to digivolve, but, in return, Impmon would have to kill the Tamers and their Digimon. He is very conflicted by this at first, remembering the kindness Guilmon would show Impmon despite his constant insults, but he still accepts, desperate to digivolve.

Impmon is granted the power to become Beelzemon, and blinded by the power, goes down a murderous path. He begins destroying virtually anything that comes in his way, eventually killing Jeri Katou's partner Leomon, triggering a battle that nearly ends in his destruction as retribution for Leomon's death. He is spared at the last moment by Jeri, her reasoning being that while she hated him for what he did, she didn't want to see anymore lives lost. Shaken by this display and considerably weakened from battle, he wanders off, now guilt-ridden and ashamed of his horrific deeds. He de-digivolves into Impmon again after being attacked by a group of Chrysalimon, whom he allows to attack him because he no longer wanted anything to do with the power that he formerly so reveled in, and is essentially left to die. Luckily, he is found by Renamon and Rika Nonaka, who decide to bring Impmon back into the Real World. After being not only spared, but saved by the people he had once hated and tried to destroy, Impmon eventually resolves to try and make right all the wrongs he'd committed towards others, especially Jeri and the other Tamers.

With new goals in mind, Impmon returns to and reconciles with Ai and Mako, who, to his surprise and joy, not only welcome him back with open arms, but tell him that they will do anything to convince him to stay with them, even stop fighting. Touched by their display, Impmon finally admits (to as much himself, as well as to them) that he loves them. When the D-Reaper finally appears in Shinjuku, Impmon leaves to help the others. Ai and Mako send him their best wishes and a small toy gun, which he becomes Beelzemon Blast Mode. With this upgrade, he turns the tide of battle and finally seems to accept the other Tamers and Digimon as his friends.

While at Takato's school, Impmon encounters Calumon and, after learning Jeri's in trouble, joins with him to rescue her. He digivolves to Beelzemon Blast Mode to fight D-Reaper's agents and after an unsuccessful attempt to rescue Jeri with Gallantmon's help, is badly injured and reverts to Impmon, only surviving because Grani rescues him. Later, on a bus out of town, Impmon believes he will die of his injuries and Ai and Mako's care for him cause them to get a D-Ark and become his official Tamers.

After the D-Reaper's destruction, Impmon is at last able to ask Jeri for forgiveness. To his relief, she agrees, leaving Impmon finally at peace with the humans.

A few months later, after Parasimon's defeat, he attends Rika's birthday party at the end, scarfing down food throughout the party.


  • Infernal Funnel (Summon): Summons elementals of flame and ice.
    • Infernal Funnel: Fire (Summon: Flame): Summons an elemental of flame.
  • Bada Boom (Night of Fire): Attacks the opponent with flames of darkness.

Other appearances

Digimon BattleSpirit / Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver.1.5

Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley

Digimon Rumble Arena

Digimon All-Star Rumble

Impmon hates every Digimon who act as "pets" for humans, to gain the power to digivolve. Impmon hears about the Digital Monsters Evolution Tournament. Impmon considers it lame, as he assumes they will all just treat it like a big party. Impmon then realises that he could enter, beat everyone up, ruin their party a and mess up their entire tournament, so registers for it. Impmon defeats Wormmon, Gabumon, Gatomon and Dorulumon. After defeating Dorulumon's, Dorulumon's eyes turn purple and states it has Dorulumon and will end the world. "Dorulumon" thanks Impmon and Impmon just finds it weird that Dorulumon was thanking him for beating him up. Impmon then defeats Guilmon and Shoutmon. After the final battle, Shoutmon's eyes become purple too states he will destroy the Digital World. Magnadramon and Gatomon inform Impmon that the tournament was actually held to find "the hero of the Digital World" and that Impmon was their only hope. They state a virus had infected the Legendary Digimon and the standard enemy Digimon and had used Impmon to get him to defeat Dorulumon and Shoutmon, whilst also making a copy of Beelzemon from Impmon's data. Impmon is annoyed that someone else was trying to destroy the world, as that was his job and that he will beat them up for manipulating him. As the hero of the Digital World, Impmon is taken to the Lava Pit but is too late as the virus has force Digifused Shoutmon and Dorulumon with the Beelzemon copy to form Shoutmon X5B. Impmon's digivolves to Beelzemon and defeats Shoutmon X5B. As thanks for saving them from the virus, Shoutmon X5B abides by the ancient pact and gives Impmon the ability to Digifuse into Shoutmon X5B.

In Dorulumon's story, Dorulumon fights Impmon in Coela Point in the final. Impmon complains that Dorulumon is his opponent in the final and that he's going to beat him up silly, just like "that other Digimon". Dorulumon enquires as to who that was and Impmon states it was "That red Rock and Roll Digimon". Dorulumon then realises that the scroll Guilmon had, had been referring to Shoutmon and asks Impmon if Shoutmon had been acting weird. Impmon states that Shoutmon had indeed been acting weird, as though he was being mind controlled but then states he's bored and attacks Dorulumon, starting the final battle. After defeating Impmon, Impmon's eyes suddenly turn purple and states he has made copies of everyone and will destroy the world. Gatomon appears and states that she is too late. Magnadramon informs Dorulumon that he doesn't know what the virus plans to do but that Shoutmon has just been kidnapped. Magnadramon tells Dorulumon that the tournament was actually held to find "the hero of the Digital World" and that due to winning the tournament, he was the hero of the Digital World and was the Digital World's only hope. Dorulumon is sent to the Lava Pit, where after defeating countless mindless Digimon but upon getting to the end, finds he's too late as Shoutmon has been force Digifused with the Dorulumon and Beelzemon clones to form Shoutmon X5B and is going on a rampage. Dorulumon Digifuses as well, into Shoutmon X4 and defeats X5B in a survival battle. As thanks for saving him from the virus, Shoutmon X5B abides by the ancient pact and gives Dorulumon the ability to Digifuse into Shoutmon X5B.

In Gatomon's story, Impmon loses to her in the fifth round.

In Guilmon's story, Impmon loses to him in the Semi final.

In Wormmon's story, Impmon loses to him in the final.

Other forms



Keemon is Impmon's Fresh form.[3]



Yaamon is Impmon's In-Training form.

Impmon de-digivolves into Yaamon after the defeat of the D-Reaper, and returns to the Digital World.



Meramon is Impmon's Champion form.

In the virtual pet D-Power, Impmon can digivolve to Meramon.[4]



SkullMeramon is Impmon's Ultimate form.

In the virtual pet D-Power, Meramon can digivolve to SkullMeramon.[4]



Beelzemon is the Mega form of Impmon. The red scarf tied around his arm is residual from the neckerchief he wore as Impmon.

Beelzemon appears when Impmon accepts Caturamon's offer. With this new power, Impmon is able to warp digivolve into his Mega form. He is also granted control over a motorcycle that had previous controlled Guilmon and a MetalKoromon. Calumon is the first Digimon he encounters when he briefly stops his motorcycle in front of the fatigued Digimon, however Calumon does not recognize him as Impmon and asks him for help. Despite Calumon's pleading, Beelzemon leaves him behind. Later, he tests out his new abilities on a swarm of Chrysalimon. After obliterating a few dozen, the rest digivolve into Infermon with Calumon's power. However, Beelzemon still defeats it and finally gets the chance to absorb data, before being approached by Caturamon who told him now it was his turn to uphold his end of their bargain. He attacks the Tamers, and Renamon is able to recognize him as Impmon. However, the ensuing battle is interrupted by a fierce storm created by the reactivation of the unstable Juggernaut program.

Beelzemon appears again at Digimon Sovereign Zhuqiaomon's Southern Gate to hinder Takato and his group. During the following fight, Beelzemon's lust for power quickly overtakes him, causing him to severely injure the Tamers and their Digimon, eventually killing and loading Leomon. Takato goes into a rage, and his hatred dark digivolves WarGrowlmon to Megidramon. At first, Megidramon seems have the upper hand, but when Makuramon appears to berate Beelzemon, he is killed and loaded by Beelzemon, allowing him to defeat Megidramon and even load the Ultimate data of Taomon and Rapidmon.

However, after an epiphany, Takato and Guilmon are able to biomerge and form Gallantmon, who is an even match for the empowered Beelzemon. Nevertheless, Beelzemon soon gets the upper hand again when Caturamon appears to attack Lopmon for her betrayal of the Sovereigns. Gallantmon destroys the last of the Devas, but Beelzemon sneaks up and loads Caturamon's data, gloating that the Deva got what he deserved. With this power boost, he nearly slays Gallantmon, until Guardromon distracts him with a Guardian Barrage, and Gallantmon is able to defeat him with a Shield of the Just. As Gallantmon is about to finish him off, he is stopped by Jeri Katou's request that he be spared.

After his merciful reprieve by Jeri's hands, Beelzemon, shocked and seemingly emotionally drained, reflects on the events in his life that led up to that point and wanders off. He aimlessly trudges through the digital wasteland with the image of heartbroken Jeri haunting his mind, devoid of any of his former bloodlust or even the will to live. This left him vulnerable to the revenge of the Chrysalimon he'd previously terrorized, who, upon discovering him, drained him of his energy, this would have probably killed him if not for Calumon's Shining Digivolution move which cause the Chrysalimon to digivolve into Diaboromon and lose interest in him, and left him behind as a beaten and defeated Impmon. When rushing off to help the Tamers later, he digivolves back to Beelzemon, but the toy gun given to him by Mako causes him to digivolve even further to Blast Mode.

Several months later, Beelzemon, riding Behemoth, tries to stop Locomon, but Locomon takes out his motorcycle sending him and his wrecked ride tumbling down the train track and the bike exploded, without a way to catch up to the train Digimon, he withdraws.

When the Old Clock Shop Man summons the heroes of the past to the Fusion universe to help take down Quartzmon, Beelzemon, riding Behemoth, shows up with Garudamon and the eleven-year old Sora Takenouchi to assist in the Australian DigiQuartz. A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!


  • Darkness Claw: Raises a claw overhead and then cuts the opponent to pieces.
  • Double Impact: Rapid-fires the Berenjena.
  • Primal Orb (宝玉 Bǎo Yù?, lit. "Treasure Jewel"): Copied from Makuramon. Imprisons his enemies in inescapable bubbles.

Beelzemon Blast Mode

Beelzemon Blast Mode

When the D-Reaper attacks Shinjuku, Impmon heads toward battle, and his determination causes him to digivolve once again to Beelzemon. A toy gun, given to him by Mako, becomes energized by his Mega form and transforms into a huge blaster known as the Corona Blaster, and Beelzemon finishes his digivolution into Beelzemon Blast Mode. In Blast Mode, he is virtually identical to before, however, black wings sprout from his back, his eyes turn green (the same shade as Impmon's), the Blaster is mounted onto his right arm, and several parts of his clothes and gloves turn a much lighter shade of grey with the metallic pieces, originally tarnished in appearance, turning to a light silver.

He becomes more accustomed to his new form and more passionate and dedicated to saving Jeri Katou. Most of his appearances in this form involve his attempted rescues of Jeri, as he deeply wished to atone for the misery his actions caused, even though he viewed what he did as unforgivable.

He takes this form once again during his and Calumon's rescue mission of Jeri. During their mission, they are attacked by some of the D-Reaper's bubbles, and Impmon digivolves to Beelzemon Blast Mode to destroy them. He then uses his guns to get Calumon into the Kernel Sphere before he is captured by the sphere, put into corded restraints, and knocked out. He is later released and forcibly ejected from the Sphere because he'd come too close to breaking free from his binds. He teams up with Gallantmon and Grani to break back in and free Jeri, and when Gallantmon and Grani successfully destroy the Gatekeeper, he tries to break into the Kernel Sphere with brute strength alone, but ends up losing his Blaster to the D-Reaper's Agents in the process. The direness of the situation causes him to tap into Leomon's data within him and use Leomon's Fist of the Beast King to break in. However, this has the unfortunate adverse effect of terrifying Jeri, as it was a cruel reminder of what he did to her partner, and thus she rejects his help until she realizes his good intentions, but by then the hole closes up and its too late for him to save her. Beelzemon, who at the time was distracted by his rapidly increasing desperation to save Jeri, is soon caught off guard by an attack by the D-Reaper and falls down towards the chaos mass. Fatally wounded, his data begins to disperse from his body and it appears that he has no hope of survival, but he is narrowly saved by Grani and de-digivolves back into a badly injured Impmon.

Beelzemon Blast Mode returns during Locomon's rampage, just in time to save Suzie Wong and Lopmon from the attacking Parasimon.


  • Corona Blaster (Death Slinger): Fires a destructive wave from the Blaster.
  • Corona Destroyer (Chaos Flare): Draws a magic circle before himself, then fires destructive waves toward the center.
  • Double Impact: Rapid-fires the Berenjena.
  • Darkness Claw: Raises a claw overhead and then cuts the opponent to pieces.
  • Fist of the Beast King (獣王拳 Jūouken?, lit. "Beast-King Fist"): Copied from Leomon. Launches an aura in the shape of a lion's head from his fist.

Shoutmon X5B

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Behemoth is a dark motorcycle that can control its rider. Behemoth's origins are unknown, but it first appears after the Tamers arrive in the Digital World. Behemoth is originally piloted by a possessed MetalKoromon and constantly rampages through a village of Chuchidarumon that the Tamers come across. Guilmon manages to jump onto it and remove the mesmerized driver, only to fall under the spell himself. Thanks to Leomon, Guilmon is freed, and Behemoth falls into a pool of lava.

To everyone's surprise, the motorcycle emerges again, this time with the recently digivolved Beelzemon as its rider. Unlike other Digimon, it seems Beelzemon is not affected by Behemoth's mind-controlling abilities. Behemoth serves as Beelzemon's mode of transportation, giving him a serious advantage in terms of speed.

In the final battle between Gallantmon and Beelzemon, it is finally destroyed by Gallantmon with his Lightning Joust attack.

Behemoth reappears during Locomon's rampage, but is destroyed again.

When the Old Clock Shop Man summons the heroes of the past to the Fusion universe to help take down Quartzmon, Behemoth, being riden by Beelzemon, shows up with Garudamon and the eleven-year old Sora Takenouchi to assist in the Australian DigiQuartz. A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!


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