Season 3, Episode 19: "Impmon's Last Stand"

English Version Written by Seth Walther

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DAVIS THE NARRATOR: Makino set up this camera test for Rika, but I don't think she was ready for her close-up. Meanwhile, the guys tried to figure out when Renamon would return. She went off with Vajramon to get some information about the Devas. Turns out they were sent by the Sovereign Digimon to take over the world. And that meant taking over the humans. When Renamon didn't join the cause, Vajramon attacked. But all of a sudden a blue card appeared, and Rika used it to matrix digivolve Kyubimon...to Taomon! She may have been the last ultimate to appear, but Taomon was sure worth the wait.

      1. INTRO SEQUENCE###
      1. ACT ONE###

[Guilmon, Kazu, Kenta, and Jeri stand in the pond.]

GUILMON: Cool-off time!

[Guilmon splashes Kazu and Jeri with his tail.]

KAZU: Hey!

JERI: I wasn't even that hot!

[Kenta and Guilmon laugh.]

GUILMON: Can't forget Kenta! [splashes Kenta]

KENTA: Whoa!

[Guilmon laughs]

KENTA (interior): Next time, remember me without soaking my underwear...

KENTA: Now...your turn!

KAZU: Are you crazy? We can't fight a dinosaur with a tail that can splash like that!

[All four start splashing each other. Takato, Rika, Henry, and Terriermon stand to the side.]

HENRY: Doesn't it seem like the Devas are coming after us specifically?

TERRIERMON: Don't they have anything better to do with their time than fight us?

TAKATO: But they're evil...right? So it's our duty...our duty as Digimon Tamers to defeat them, isn't it?

RIKA: Hey, it's not our responsibility to fight them. Let someone else do it.

RENAMON: [materializes] If they want to fight us, we can't just walkaway, Rika.

RIKA: [disappointed moan]

KAZU: Hey, c'mon! Are you guys gonna get in the water or what? We're gonna make Guilmon get all pruney!

TAKATO: Are you kidding? I'd pay to see that! Hey, you coming?

HENRY: No, I can't. I've got martial arts practice later on.


RIKA: Hmph. [walks off]

TAKATO: O...kay. Well, see ya! [runs off] Guilmon, when I get done splashing you, you'll be wetter than the water!

[The four splash each other as Takato joins them. Impmon watches from the trees above.]

IMPMON: That's what those fools call fun? But there's no fireballs or yelling...


GIRL #1: That is, like, way totally cute!

GIRL #2: What is it?

GIRL #3: Duh, it's way totally cute!

CALUMON: Um...I guess you guys don't have any mirrors at home, huh?

[The three girls react with amazement]

GIRL #1: It talked!

GIRL #2: It totally did!

GIRL #3: That makes it even cuter!

GIRL #1: Like, absolutely!

GIRL #2: Oh, totally! Totally absolutely!

GIRL #3: It's weird. Talking usually makes things look so stupid.

IMPMON: What is wrong with all the digimon in the world? Stop tryingto make yourself cute for the humans!

GIRL #1: Well he's not cute at all.

GIRL #2: Totally, like, anti-cute.

GIRL #3: Totally.

IMPMON: Be quiet, I don't wanna be cute!

GIRL #1: What? Not wanna be cute?

GIRLS #2 and 3: Totally weird!

IMPMON: I'm not weird, I'm the only normal one around!

[Impmon lights up a fireball and tosses it at the girls' feet.]

IMPMON: Badda Boom!

[The girls are frightened by the fireball strike. Impmon growls. The girls run off screaming and Impmon laughs.]

IMPMON: Take that fools! That'll teach you I'm not some weirdo!

[triumphant noise]

CALUMON: Weirdo...

[Impmon makes another triumphant noise]

      1. ACT TWO###

HENRY (interior): I've never felt more like a sitting duck in my life. If only we knew what the Devas were planning, then at least we might be more prepared. I don't know... maybe I've been asking the wrong questions.

  • DOJO*

SENSEI: You've centered yourself with your breathing, Henry. We may begin.

HENRY: Yes, Sensei.

[Henry kicks and punches at his Sensei, who easily dodges.

SENSEI: Good, Henry. But you're not focused. You're leaving yourself open to attack.

[Henry breathes heavily. He chops. He kicks. Sensei jabs his forehead with a finger, startling him and knocking him backward. Henry reacts with pain when he hits the ground. Terriermon gasps, impressed.]

SENSEI: You see?

[Henry kneels]

HENRY (breathing heavy): I'm sorry, Sensei.

SENSEI: Don't apologize to me; apologize to yourself.



SENSEI: You let yourself fall. Henry, you seem worried about something. Let's talk over tea.


HENRY: Have you heard of creatures called Devas? They're some...kindof evil monsters.

SENSEI: Perhaps. In Sanskrit there's an ancient legend about a groupof good spirits, the Devas.

[Images of the ancient Deva warriors appear onscreen]

SENSEI: The old writing stated they battled the evil demon Asura, preventing him from fully entering the world and conquering it. Or at least that's how the legend goes.

HENRY: The Devas are good?

SENSEI: That's a difficult question.

HENRY: How so?

SENSEI: [sips tea] Well, there were those that followed Asura, and they thought the Devas were evil. In a way, it's like eating a gallon of ice-cream...

HENRY: Uh huh...

SENSEI: Heh. Let me explain. At first it seems like a good idea, but your stomach ache proves you wrong. A change in perspective can make good appear evil or evil seem good. Now, does that explanation clear things up for you?

HENRY: Yes sir. It does. Thank you.

SENSEI: Good. Want some ice cream?


[Impmon hops from roof to roof, grunting, with Calumon following behind.]

IMPMON: [growls] Stop following me!

CALUMON: But I wanna see if you're gonna scare any more little girls!

[A voice laughs from off screen]

IMPMON: Listen, those girls started it!

[The menacing laugh continues]

IMPMON: Hmm? That laugh!

[A digital field has appeared in a nearby parking lot]

IMPMON: I've heard that before!

CALUMON: People laugh at you a lot, huh?

[Impmon jumps toward digital field]

IMPMON: I'll give you something to laugh about if you keep following me!


IMPMON: So, you laughing at me, huh mule-face?

INDRAMON: You mean this? [laughs]

IMPMON: Would you stop doing that already? Cease!


RILEY: Sir, another wild one has just bio-emerged. It came from the Juggernaut core again.

YAMAKI: Send out the word. We'll leave this one in the hands of our associates.

RILEY: Yes, sir.

YAMAKI: We must find a way to teach these interlopers once and for all that Juggernaut isn't just some kind of revolving door inviting them to enter our world. They must be stopped.

RILEY: Sir, I'm getting some, uh, strange readings here. Very strange, really. It seems that...there's another signal coming from the Juggernaut core, and it has the same frequency.

YAMAKI: It's got what?


INDRAMON: What else could I do but laugh at you pitiful digimon? You're just like all the rest of the tainted ones.

IMPMON: What do you mean?

INDRAMON: I mean there is a stench on you. The stink of being kept by humans.

IMPMON (surprised): Huh?


AI: You're a big liar! Mako was a bad boy and broke my toys, so go and teach him a lesson, you hear me?

MAKO: [Pulls Impmon's arm] Impmon! She's a big brat and she's telling another big lie!

[Impmon makes confused sounds]

AI: [Pulls Impmon's arm] Don't believe that weasel. Now get him before he breaks something else!

MAKO: Impmon!

[Impmon is unsure of what to do]

AI: Impmon!

[They argue and pull on Impmon's arms.]

IMPMON: Knock it off!


[Impmon shakes his head and sniffs himself]

INDRAMON (mocking): Kept by a human like the others, yet still unable to digivolve...

IMPMON: Shut your trap, I can digivolve if I want to!

INDRAMON: Ah, more odiferous ones.

[Rika and Renamon enter]

RENAMON: Well, Rika?

[Rika uses her digivice to scan the Digimon. It takes a while]

RIKA: C'mon, c'mon...[worried noises] Indramon. He's a Deva! His Horn of Desolation is something you don't wanna hear.

INDRAMON: What a foolish little Digimon. You shouldn't be digivolving at all. You don't even belong on this plane of existence! Remember that. [disappears]

IMPMON: [growls] Why'd you have to show up? I don't need your help!I could've defeated him by myself!

RIKA: You're kidding, right?

RENAMON: Impmon, you're not strong enough to battle a Deva. You can't even digivolve. You wouldn't stand a chance.

IMPMON: That's not true! I don't need to digivolve! I don't even wanna digivolve! I am so strong, I don't have to hand around humans like you weaklings! I'm the strongest around! I'm the limburger cheese of Digimon! And I don't need any help from anyone, anytime, anywhere! [runs away]

RIKA: He's gonna get the tar beaten out of him, then put back in, andbeaten out again. Come on, let's go. [walks off]

IMPMON (off screen): Quit following me, Calumon! Stay!

[Renamon keeps listening to Impmon]

RIKA (off screen): Renamon...

[Renamon leaves]


YAMAKI: I want a tap on their communications. Now!

RILEY: Yes sir. I'm launching a surveillance worm virus now. It's infiltrating their transmissions.

TALLEY: It's on the screen, sir.

YAMAKI: Let's see what these troublemakers are talking about.

[Binary code appears on the screen]

YAMAKI: Binary machine language... Between Devas? Is this a pathetic attempt to confuse us? Do they think we can't decipher this?

[Yamaki violently kicks the console chair. Riley and Talley gasp. Yamaki laughs evilly]

YAMAKI: These fools are only capable of using primitive machine language any ape could understand. Well we'll show them exactly how far past them human beings have evolved.


[Takato kicks a can]

TAKATO: Okay Guilmon, when you catch the can you can come looking forus.

GUILMON: Okie dokey!

[Takato, Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta all giggle and run off in different directions. Takato and Kazu notice that there is one more kid running with them.]

KAZU: Wha?


[They hide in the bushes, the new kid following them.]

KAZU: Check it out! You don't know this guy, do ya?

TAKATO: [shakes head] Mm mmm. Never seen him.

GUILMON (off screen): Coming to getcha!

KAZU: He seems weird enough to be one of your friends.

TAKATO: You know, you're one of my friends.

KAZU: What's he doing, training to be a rock?

GUILMON (off screen): Found ya!

JERI (off screen): Aw, nuts!

KENTA (off screen): No fair!

TAKATO: You think he can hear us?

[The kid turns to look at them. Kazu and Takato laugh nervously.]

[Guilmon jumps into the bushes]

GUILMON: Found ya!

[Takato and Kazu jump in surprise. Guilmon sees the kid and makes curious noises]

GUILMON: I wasn't even looking for you...

[Jeri and Kenta run in. Jeri laughs]

KAZU (whispering): Dudes, I think he's gonna say something.

[Everyone focuses on the strange kid]



STRANGE KID [yells]: Megaw!!!

[Everyone is frightened by the sudden outburst The strange kid points and laughs and runs away.]

KAZU: I thought he was weird before...


IMPMON: They think a Deva's tough, wait till they get a load of me!

[Impmon hops from car to car as they wait for the signal, leaving indentations in their roofs]

IMPMON: No one...will call...me weak...again!

[The people in the crosswalk stare at Impmon]

IMPMON: Look, more weaklings! I'll take that!

[Impmon steals an ice cream cone from a small girl, who begins crying.]

FATHER: Hey, that was a bubblegum raspberry almond crunch!

IMPMON: Eh? How 'bout a Badda Boom upside the head crunch? [ignites a fireball] Badda Boom!

[The fireball flies past the man, singing his shoulder.]

FATHER: Huh? Ahh, my shoulder! My shoulder! Hot hot hot hot...

[The crowd reacts]

IMPMON: That's just a little present for ya. And...I brought enough for everyone! [Ignites a bunch of fireballs and tosses them] Badda Boom! None of you is as tough as me. And the ice cream tasted like old prune juice! Ba boom!

      1. ACT THREE###

[Kazu and Kenta leave Takato, Guilmon, and Jeri]

KAZU: Smell ya later!


TAKATO: Yeah, see ya!

JERI: Hey, are you okay?

TAKATO: Yeah, why?

JERI: I dunno, you seem to have a lot on your mind. I notice these things about you, Takato.

TAKATO: Huh? Uh no, I'm uh...well, now that you mention it...kinda.

JERI: Oh...

TAKATO: But it's nothing big.

JERI: Well if you ever wanna talk...

[Jeri pats Guilmon's nose]

JERI: And you, stop chasing those poor squirrels!]

GUILMON: Aw, they like it!

JERI: Bye bye!

[Jeri turns and runs off]

TAKATO: Have a good night, Jeri!

GUILMON: Have a bunch of good nights, Jeri!

JERI: You too!

[She leaves]

TAKATO: Hmm...Jeri's right about me. All I wanted was a digimon, and now I've got more than I can count...and I've gotta stop someof them from taking over the world!

[Calumon clears his throat, causing Takato to look down in surprise.]




CALUMON: So are you guys all done having fun now? Are ya?

TAKATO: Calumon...can I ask you...

CALUMON: What do you wanna know?

TAKATO: Well, it seems that...I don't know, every time our digimon digivolve, you're around. So, do you have something to do with their digivolving?

CALUMON: Oh! Um...I never thought of that!

TAKATO: Of course. But do you think you have some special power...that helps them, y'know, digivolve?

CALUMON: Do you?

TAKATO: [exasperated groan] Look, Calumon, I'm just wondering whether or not they could digivolve at all...if you weren't around!

[Calumon's ears shrink sadly]

CALUMON: Huh? Oh...

TAKATO: What's the matter?

CALUMON: I get it: you don't want me around.

TAKATO: Uh... [interior] Why does the stuff in my brain never make it out to my mouth the right way?


[Impmon stands on a police car. The police stand around, guns focused on Impmon.]

OFFICER #1: Get down off the car and take off the goofy suit, kid.

OFFICER #2: Should we tell him we weren't issued any ammo, sir?

OFFICER #1: Shh, kid'll hear you! I don't know how you made it through the police academy.

IMPMON: You think you're a match for me? You guys may be armed, but I got something really special up my sleeve...or on my finger! Here, arrest this! Badda Boom!

[Police officers yell. Impmon is scooped up by a speeding Renamon and is dashed away]

OFFICER #2: Ahh, he's gone!

OFFICER #1: From now on, no more than twelve cups of coffee. We

gotta keep these hallucinations to a minimum.


[Renamon holds Impmon]

IMPMON: Put me down, you ugly furball!

RENAMON: Or what? You'll use that little flame of yours to boil water and make me some bad tea? [Impmon struggles] Why do you pretend to be stronger than you are?

IMPMON: Be quiet! I don't have to take this from you! All you do is follow your pathetic little human around and hide behind her skirts like a little baby!

RENAMON: You'd better watch what you say about that "pathetic little human." Even she could beat you up.

IMPMON: [hurt moan]

RENAMON: Besides, without her I couldn't digivolve. But you know allabout not being able to digivolve, don't you?

IMPMON: I don't need a partner to digivolve like the rest of you weaklings. I'm glad I left those stupid humans- ah, I mean, I'm glad I never had some useless partner holding me back. I'm glad!

RENAMON: [gasp] Wait a minute, chatty. Did you used to have a partner?

[Impmon is startled. He punches Renamon, causing her to drop him.]

RENAMON: Oh! [touches red mark]

[Impmon collapses and pounds on the floor]

IMPMON: I wanna digivolve! It's not fair! I'm the strongest! I deserve it! I don't need a partner...

[Renamon hears some distant screaming and looks out to see a digital field.]

RENAMON: Huh? A digital field! Looks like the Deva is back.


[People run from the digital field]

PERSON #1: It's huge!

PERSON #2: It's scary!

PERSON #3: It's colored a tacky purple!

POLICE OFFICER: That's right folks, just keep panicking in this direction...

[Rika's digivice beeps]

RIKA: There's never a dull day around here.


[Henry and Terriermon come out of the subway. His digivice beeps.]

TERRIERMON: I sense a digimon, Henry!

HENRY: What? Oh man, there's never a dull day around here.


[Takato's digivice beeps]

TAKATO: A digimon! It's a deva, Guilmon! [interior] Ah...why is there never a dull day around here? Oh well, no rest for the weary. [normal] Let's go!


[Impmon, Renamon, and Rika face down Indramon]

IMPMON: This is perfect. Watch this, furball! I'll prove to you I'm strong even without digivolving! That is unless you're too chicken to fight me, you dorky donkey!

INDRAMON: [chuckles] Hmm...

IMPMON: Get ready for a world of hurt! And you'd better just stay out of my way, you mean hairball. This is between me and thepurple pony!

RENAMON: Impmon, you don't stand a chance.

IMPMON: Huh? Badda Boom!

[Renamon gasps as Impmon sends a fireball over her shoulder]

RENAMON: Do you want to be destroyed? Is that it?

IMPMON: Go away. I don't need your help or your pity. Now get out of here before I blast you! I said beat it!

INDRAMON: I'd be glad to fight you both.

IMPMON: Wait a minute, she's got nothing to do with it! This is between you and me! Right, let's do this!

[Impmon concentrates for his attack]

IMPMON: Inferno Funnel...Fire!

[Impmon summons a ball of fire out of a vortex in the ground. It strikes Indramon, with no effect.]

INDRAMON: Hah! Ooh, that tickles.

IMPMON [shocked by his ineffectiveness]: Ahh?

[Indramon bats away Impmon with his upper right hoof]

IMPMON: Aaaaah!

[Impmon stands]

IMPMON: Is that all you got? A little old lady with a handbag full of marshmallows could hit harder! It's time to teach you a little thing I like to call humility!]

[Impmon charges and is struck by Indramon once more. Calumon, Henry, Takato, Guimon, and Terriermon arrive]


TAKATO: What happened?

HENRY: A Deva! Terriermon, you know what to do!


ALL: Huh?

HENRY: Wait? Why should we wait?

RENAMON: He wants to do it himself. We should respect his wishes.

ALL: Huh?

TAKATO: I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

[Indramon knocks Impmon back once more]

INDRAMON: This really is a valuable lesson you're teaching me.

IMPMON: [coughs] It's better than your stupid Sovereign can teach you! [coughs] Your Sovereign's dumber than mud and twice as ugly! [laughs]

INDRAMON (gets mad): I will not allow you to insult my master!

[Strikes Impmon again]



RIKA: Uh, Renamon...

RENAMON: Leave him be.

INDRAMON: So, little fool, have you had enough?

[Impmon gets up, hurt]

IMPMON: Not a chance. I'm just getting my second wind!

TERRIERMON: Henry, normally I wouldn't complain, but don't you think this is going a little too far?

HENRY: You're right, Terriermon. Come on Impmon, you can do it!

TAKATO: That's right! Give him the ol' one-two!

IMPMON: Hey, stick a sock in it, if I wanted your help I'd ask- ahhh!

[Indramon strikes Impmon. Impmon is severely damaged and begins distorting. Everyone gasps]

INDRAMON: You have a lot of heart for a weakling, but your fate was set when you stood against me.

RIKA: It's now or never, Renamon!

RENAMON: Not just yet.

INDRAMON: And the world won't miss another weakling.

[Indramon raises his hoof to stomp Impmon]

TAKATO: Don't do it!

GUILMON: I can't watch any more, come on!


[Takato and Guilmon run towards Indramon. Indramon's hoof descends toward Impmon]

TAKATO: Hurry, before it's too late to save him!

      1. ACT THREE###

RENAMON: Soon...

[Takato and Guilmon continue to run towards Indramon]

RENAMON: Soon...

RIKA: How about now, Renamon?

[Renamon swoops Impmon up just as Indramon hits]

IMPMON: Thanks, I had him right where I wanted him!

RENAMON: Right...

INDRAMON: You have sealed your fate as well.

[Indramon strikes Renamon and is knocked back]

RIKA: Renamon!

HENRY: Digivolve, Rika!

TAKATO: Calumon!

CALUMON: Ooh? Oh... [forehead symbol glows]

TAKATO: Mmm-hmm. Guilmon, digivolve!

GUILMON: Mmm-hmm. On it!

HENRY: And you too!

TERRIERMON: Okay, boss-man!

RIKA: Renamon?



ALL THREE: Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!


VOICE: Digivolution.

GUILMON: Guilmon, digivolve to...

GROWLMON: Growlmon!

TERRIERMON: Terriermon, digivolve to...

GARGOMON: Gargomon!

RENAMON: Renamon, digivolve to...

KYUBIMON: Kyubimon!


INDRAMON: I hope you feel you've increased your odds.

[The ropes holding Indramon's horn to his back dissolve and the horn floats over to Indramon's mouth. Impmon crawls forward.]

KYUBIMON: Fox Tail Inferno!

GROWLMON: Pyro Blaster!

GARGOMON: Have a Gargo Laser!

[Indramon sucks their attacks into his horn. Everyone yells in shock]

IMPMON: You mean...I have to digivolve to get stronger?

INDRAMON: I was chosen by the Sovereign. Did you really think you could defeat me with paltry tricks such as these? Now allow me to show you what a digimon of true power can do!

[Impmon struggles to stand]

IMPMON: Bring it!

INDRAMON: Horn of Desolation!

[Indramon sends the energy from the three attacks back toward the digimon. They're struck and fly backward, making the kids gasp.]

IMPMON: What, are you afraid to fight me, hah? Afraid I'll digivolve?

INDRAMON: Huh, so be it. Prepare to meet your doom!

[Impmon yells and runs toward Indramon, and the screen freezes, to be continued.]

DAVIS THE NARRATOR: Whoa, talk about illusions of grandeur! But what if nobody can beat the Devas? To find out, tune into the next "Digimon: Digital Monsters!"