Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Black)[2] is an Ancient Dragon Man Digimon. This terrifying dragon emperor will carry out even violent destruction for the sake of its own justice.[3]


  • Giga Death: Inserts the Positron Laser into the dragon-face on its chest, then emits all of its body's energy as a destructive energy wave with ten times the power of "Mega Crusher".
  • Positron Laser: Fires a huge blast of positronic energy from the Positron Laser.


Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Black) is a humanoid version of BlackImperialdramon Dragon Mode, becoming a bipedal version of the originally quadrupedal dragon. Its previous head becomes a chest plate, revealing a more humanoid head, while the Positron Laser on its back is now equipped to its right arm. The DigiCode on its Positron Laser reads DC de.pngDC ji.pngDC ta.pngDC ru.pngDC mo.pngDC n.pngDC su.pngDC ta.pngDC chouon.png (デジタルモンスター Dejitaru Monsutā?, lit. "Digital Monster").


Imperialdramon Figther Mode (インペリアルドラモンファイターモード)

Name used in the Digital Monster Card Game. Shares an official romanization with Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.


Digital Monster: D-Project

Notes and References

  1. Digimon Reference Book: Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode (Black): "It is said that there exists a viral Fighter Mode that controls its destructive power through its heart of darkness."
  2. This name contains elements used for organizational purposes. Official names may or may not coincide with the organization parser we have chosen. The current official name we have for this Digimon is "Imperialdramon Fighter Mode".
  3. St-579: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode