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BATTLE17: I...!
(Boku wa...!)
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Asleep, Yuu is tormented by his own weakness and cowardice. He wakes up to speak with Andromon, and his conversation is interspersed through the following scenes. Yuu regrets Trailmon's death and the fact that he died protecting them. He asks questions about why people are born in certain ways, why he's weaker than others. Andromon responds by saying that all Digimon are born essentially with their types set, and that they thrive by making the most of their limited abilities. He goes further by saying that Yuu's hesitation is not weakness; it is necessary to make the right choice. Andromon says that's what life is: a series of choices to stick to. Yuu withdraws into himself to think as Andromon goes to confront Chaosdromon. Though he has no trouble fighting the Commandramon and Tankdramon underlings, he has significantly more difficulty fighting Chaosdromon. Meanwhile, Tsurugi and the rest are worried about Shou, who needs medical attention. The battle between Andromon and Chaosdromon ends when Chaosdromon fires his Hyper Mugen Cannon, utterly decimating both friend and foe. Andromon barely survives to make it back to Yuu, and he reveals that what a partner Digimon is: a Tamer's dream from the heart, using the last of his strength to turn Yuu's Digimon Mini into a blue Digivice iC. After Chaosdromon finds the other Tamers, he reveals that Barbamon believes Shou to be expendable and that he's to kill them all. Before he can attack, he is interrupted by MachGaogamon bursting in. Yuu then states his resolve to fight, spurring by Andromon's words and belief in him. Just as Chaosdromon is about to attack, Murmukusmon orders a retreat. Chaosdromon takes Ami and Pichimon as hostage; MachGaogamon goes to stop them but Murmukusmon interferes, taunting them to come to System World.

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