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After being released by the police, Ami returns to the Battle Terminal where Tsurugi disappeared, only to disappear in a flash of light. Meanwhile, GeoGreymon is still stuck in his Champion form on Trailmon, up until the point where he has to relieve himself. The release of tension allows him to dedigivolve back into Agumon. Tsurugi, Agumon, Yuu, and Gaomon then discover an amusement park-like area, and Yuu discovers numerous beehives containing Digi-Eggs. Taking one out, the group is surprised by Waspmon, who retrieves the egg and explains that these Digimon are "Natural" Digimon, while Digimon such as Agumon, born with human children, are "Art" Digimon, short for Artifical. After giving Waspmon Tankdramon's egg, Tsurugi and Yuu follow Waspmon while the Digimon eat, only to be locked in a chamber so that Waspmon can attack the Digimon with his army of FanBeemon. Tsurugi and Yuu find Ami and Pichimon, who reminds Tsurugi that Yuu has a heart condition which hasn't been bothering him in the Digital World. Outside, Agumon and Gaomon are hurt because Agumon can't digivolve without Tsurugi's Digisoul, and to drive home despair Waspmon digivolves to CannonBeemon.

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