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==Diffrences Between Humans and Digimon==
==Diffrences Between Humans and Digimon==
Unlike [[Digimon]], humans cannot digivolve (save for the [[Digimon Frontier]] cast and the [[Bio-Hybrids]]), but with the aid of a [[Digivice]] can use their emotions and energy to facilitate digivolution for the Digimon they have formed a partnership bond with.
Unlike [[Digimon]], humans cannot digivolve (save for the [[Digimon Frontier]] cast and the [[Bio-Hybrids]]), but with the aid of a [[Digivice]] can use their emotions and energy to facilitate digivolution for the Digimon they have formed a partnership bond with.
==Notes and References==
[[Category:Humans in Digimon]]
[[Category:Humans in Digimon]]

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The main human DigiDestined kids of seasons 1—4

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Human and Digimon Relations

Humans and digimon have a mixed track record of interactions. Some digimon have been known to attack the Humans in the real world while some digimon befriend humans and even become partners to certain humans known as DigiDestined.

In many series, humans are able to assist their Partners in battle:

Digimon Tamers

A Tamer can use "Digi-Modify" by swiping a card[1] through their D-Power Digivice to give extra power or weapons to their Digimon Partner. A Digivolution card allows a Digimon to digivolve from their Rookie to Champion level, while a Blue Card allows them to digivolve to Ultimate level.

Some Tamers are able to Biomerge with their Partner allowing them to digivolve into the Mega level.

Digimon Data Squad

Every human possesses an aura-like D.N.A. (short for "Digimon Natural Ability) made from their emotions. By charging the D.N.A., a Tamer is able to make their Partner digivolve.

Digimon Xros Wars

A General is required to make a DigiXros between the Digimon in their army. Some Generals are also able to allow their Partner to digivolve.

In the manga, humans possess the innate "Xros Code" that allows an X Loader to perform DigiXroses. It is also possible to digixros a human with a Digimon.

Major Digimon/Human Incidents

  • Highton View Terrace Incident
    • The Highton View Terrace Incident is the first major incident in which digimon appeared in the real world and revealed themselves on a large scale.
    • See Digimon Adventure (Movie) for details
  • Myotismon's Assult on Tokyo
    • Myotismon's assult on downtown Tokyo was the first time digimon engaged humans in open conflict in the real world. The attack however was concealed by Myotismon through the usage of his fog that blocked all visual views into downtown Tokyo as well as prevented humans from making transmissions to the outside. The attack ended with the DigiDestined destroying VenomMyotismon
    • Digimon Adventure Episodes 35 through 39
  • Global Digimon Outbreak
    • During the latter part of Digimon Adventure 02, a global digimon outbreak caused by Arukenimon (Adventure) and Mummymon (Adventure) was staged. During the conflict the various militaries of the world attempted to fight back, however only the DigiDestined where capable of putting an end to the invasion.
    • Digimon Adventure 02 Episodes 38 through 42
  • Invasion of the Daemon Corps
    • The Daemon Corps' invasion targeted Owikawa and his experiment in the real world with many humans and the DigiDestined caught in the crossfire. The DigiDestined elimated Daemon's servents and forced Daemon through the dark gate.
    • Digimon Adventure 02 Episodes 43 through 45
  • D-Reaper Incident
    • The D-Reaper incident was the major global conflict in the tamers universe in which a rouge program orginally designed to maintain the digital world and prevent the digimon form exceeding their parameters went haywire and attempted to destroy both the real and digital worlds. During the conflict all doubt about the exsistence of digimon was removed and the fight bettween the DigiDestined and D-Reaper was broadcasted on the television at several points. Also during the series the militaires of the world also attempt to deal with D-Reaper to no avail. Once again only the DigiDestined where capable of defending the real world.
    • Digimon Tamers Episodes 42 through 51
  • Lucemon's Bioemergence
    • In the Frontier universe, the former oppressive ruler of the Digital World, Lucemon, had already absorbed the Digital World, preparing a way to enter the human world and rule over it as well. Because if a Digimon appears in the Frontier human world, it would cause chaos before destroying it. Once Bioemerging through, Lucemon's presence caused a massive electrical surge, sending a cryptic message: You will join me or be destroyed. The Legendary Warriors became Susanoomon to drag the Demon God Digimon back into the empty space of the Digital World and defeat him there.
    • Digimon Frontier Ep. 50
  • Gotsumon's Assault
    • In retaliation for the Data Squad "invading" the Digital World, Gotsumon gathered Merukimon's army and attempted to destroy the human world. It wasn't until Professor Kurata opened a warp gate and sucked them all back in.
  • Belphemon's Rampage
    • In the Data Squad universe, there were the Seven Great Demon Lords of the Digital World who nearly destroyed their entire world. One, known as Belphemon, was sealed in a box a top of ElDragamon. Professor Kurata, in a megalomaniac scheme to rule over both the Digital and Human World, reawakened and merged with Belphemon to take over. He was eventually stopped by Marcus Damon and ShineGreymon Burst Mode.
  • D5
    • In the Xros Wars universe, after becoming DarknessBagramon, Bagramon sent the Xros Heart United Army to an empty void while he went to the human world and turned every one to stone with his unlimited negative energy. Xros Heart was eventually saved by WarGreymon and Examon who began to detail about Bagramon and his army's first attempt to rule not only both the Digital and Human World, but the entire Multiverse as well! When Bioemerging into the Real World, there was a final confrontation between the Xros Heart United Army and the Bagra Army, leading to the resurrection of many dead Digimon and the triumph of Xros Heart.

Diffrences Between Humans and Digimon

Unlike Digimon, humans cannot digivolve (save for the Digimon Frontier cast and the Bio-Hybrids), but with the aid of a Digivice can use their emotions and energy to facilitate digivolution for the Digimon they have formed a partnership bond with.

Notes and References

  1. In the Digimon Tamers universe there is a version of the Digimon trading card game that is very popular with children all over the world. If a child becomes the Tamer of a Digimon, he can use these trading cards to modify various aspects of their Digimon. They can temporarily give them extra power or weapons, or in this case get them to digivolve.