Huankunmon is an Aquatic Digimon. It is a giant Digimon with scales that can rival even Chrome Digizoid in toughness. Huankunmon has a warm nature and values clean water, so it protects lake areas from pollution. When it feeds, it jumps out of water and flies through the air as smoothly as it swims through water, satisfying its hunger by swallowing flying Digimon whole. However, its large body makes it an easy target, so it often mixes in with flocks of Xiquemon to travel around. When it moves, Huankunmon will surround the entire flock with a large bubble for protection. Since the bubble refracts light, the flock, including Huankunmon, will be invisible to the outside.[3]


  • Lonely Bubble (孤籠泡 Korōhō?, lit. "Solitary Confinement Bubble"): Produces a bubble from its fin that will seal its target inside, limiting its movement.
  • Ice Crash (冰乱結突 Hyōran Kettotsu?, lit. "Ice Clutter Charge"): Spits out a slew of icicles from its mouth.
  • Tidal Vortex (潮流旋涡 Chōryū Senka?): Summons the spinning tides and turns them into a pillar of water that slams into its enemy..


Huankunmon is derived from the Peng, a giant bird in Chinese mythology that transformed from a Kūn giant fish.


Huankunmon (ファンクンモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • (Zh:) Fantasy (幻 Huàn?).
  • (Zh:) Kūn (鯤?) is a giant mythical fish that turns into a bird.


Huankunmon is one of the Digimon created for Digimon New Century. It was first shown in promotional material for the game on April 21, 2022, and was added to the Digimon Reference Book before actually debuting in New Century.


Digimon New Century[]

Huankunmon digivolves from Xiquemon and can digivolve to Xiangpengmon.

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