Huanglongmon is a Holy Dragon Digimon. It is the "Digimon Sovereign" that is enshrined in the Center, as an emperor Digimon who rules the "world". Due to Lucemon, it was sealed underground in the deepest, darkest place. This being is good but also evil, and is called the "Taiji" of light and darkness. Its gigantic body is covered in scales of the special "Huanglong Ore" that boasts of absolute hardness, so inflicting even a single wound upon it is impossible.[4]


  • Taiji[5] (太極 Taikyoku?): Continuously disassembles everything in the Digital World, throughout eternity, into the two extremes of light and darkness, driving it into non-existence before long.
  • Yellow Circle (黄廻 Oukai?, lit. "Yellow Rotation"): Generates a gigantic typhoon of an earthflow on the scale of a natural disaster. There is a theory that Ouryumon's "Golden Armor" technique has its roots in "Yellow Circle", although this isn't confirmed.[6]
  • Fang of the Emperor (皇帝之牙 Koutei no Kiba?): Bites the enemy.
  • Dragon Smash
  • Emperor's Mace: Strikes the enemy using its tail as a mace.


Huanglongmon's design is derived from the Yellow Dragon of the Center (黃龍 Huáng​ Lóng?). It is a quadrupedal golden-yellow dragon with a long tail and neck, three toes on each foot, and a claw on each toe. Its body is covered in scales of Huanglong Ore. It has eight red eyes—three on each side of the head, and two on its top. It has two long horns on the back of its head, and six large tusks on its back. It also carries twelve DigiCores on its back.


Huanglongmon (ファンロンモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese and some American English media.


Official name given in the Digimon Encyclopedia and used in most American English media.

  • Alternate romanization of Huanglongmon (ファンロンモン Fanronmon?). Possibly a mistranslation.


Digimon Fusion[]

Main article: Huanglongmon (Fusion)

Digimon Battle Terminal 02[]

Digimon Battle[]

Huanglongmon digivolves from Azulongmon, Baihumon, Zhuqiaomon and Ebonwumon.

Digimon Masters[]

Fanglongmon is a Jogress level Digimon that DNA digivolves from Azulongmon, Baihumon, Zhuqiaomon and Ebonwumon.

Digimon Heroes![]

Huanglongmon DNA digivolves from the more powerful versions of Zhuqiaomon, Xuanwumon, Baihumon, and Qinglongmon. There's also a version that can digivolve from Tyilinmon instead.

Digimon ReArise[]

In the distant past, Fanglongmon was the Emperor of the Digital World that commanded the Four Holy Beasts. Spiral Origin based G-Spiral-6099 on it. Vs. Guardians

Some considered Fanglongmon to be the God of the Digital World. Clash Battle: Alphamon Ouryuken

It is rumoured that the power of the Ouyuken Blade belonging to Alphamon Ouryuken of the Royal Knights, which is an Ouryumon transformed into a sword, has its roots from Fanglongmon. Clash Battle: Alphamon Ouryuken

Fanglongmon is an Ultra level Digimon that digivolves from Dorugoramon.

Digimon Survive[]

Digimon New Century[]

Huanglongmon is an obtainable Ultra level Digimon.

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