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Huī Luò
Appears in: Digimon D-Cyber
First appearance "The Nightmare Trip to the Digital World" [01]
Latest appearance "Miraculous Ending" [14]
Partner(s): Agumon X
Digivice(s): D-Cyber Digivice
Age 10
Gender Male
Nationality Chinese

Huī Luò (駱輝 Luò Huī?) is one of the main protagonists of the manhua Digimon D-Cyber. He's a boy who gets sucked into the Digital World with his friends by MetalPhantomon.


Huī is a small boy with a layered haircut and a cowlick. He wears dark T-shirt under a light-colored shortsleeved hoodie with a drawing of an impish character on the front, shorts, and sneakers with star markings on the tongues. There is a star marking on his left cheek.


Huī is very timid, but can be very capable when he musters his courage. He knows a lot about the mechanics of raising Digimon with his D-Cyber toy. He is always dirty.


Huī Luò (駱輝)

  • Luò (駱?). A Chinese surname meaning "camel".
  • Huī (輝?). A Chinese name meaning "brightness".


Huī is kidnapped to the Digital World by MetalPhantomon along with his friends Zhìguāng, Shēngjiàn and Āměi. He is brainwashed by MetalPhantomon, and finds Zhìguāng in an attempt to recruit him to MetalPhantomon's cause. He has his MetalGreymon X attack Zhìguāng, but his Digimon is defeated by Zhìguāng's Dorugoramon and turns back into a Digiegg. Upon losing the battle, Huī is freed from MetalPhantomon's control, and happily reunites with Zhìguāng.

Huī and Zhìguāng spend some time training, during which Huī's Digiegg hatches into Agumon X. When Zhìguāng receives an invitation to battle with Shēngjiàn, Huī comes along, but Shēngjiàn uses a distraction and traps Huī under a rock while creating a fake Huī to trick Zhìguāng into thinking he killed his friend. Zhìguāng figures out the ruse when he realizes the fake Huī isn't dirty like the real Huī, and forces Shēngjiàn to tell him where the real Huī is.