Housemon is a Digital Lifeform and Digimon.


Housemon appears as a giant wooden puppet whose head, torso, and shoulders are parts of a mansion.


Mansion Giant (公館巨人)

Name used in the Chinese version of the Digimon manhua.


Name used in the American English version of the Digimon manhua.


Housemon is typically depicted as either a digital lifeform or an automaton under Puppetmon's control. It is a Digimon in the American English version of the Digimon manhua.


Digimon Adventure[]

When Puppetmon loses his hammer and is forced into a corner, he transforms his house into a massive humanoid construct to cover his escape. It proved to be a difficult opponent against the DigiDestined, despite being attacked by WarGreymon, Garudamon, Angewomon, Angemon, and MegaKabuterimon. After Puppetmon is defeated by MetalGarurumon and Yamato "Matt" Ishida, his construct falls apart as well. Ogremon's Honor

Digimon (manhua)[]

Housemon is one of the Dark Master Puppetmon's minions, normally disguised as his house. When pushed into a corner, Puppetmon animates Housemon in order to hold off the DigiDestined. It easily fends off the Digimon's attacks while delivering its own physical strikes, but when Yamato "Matt" Ishida and MetalGarurumon take out Puppetmon, Housemon falls apart without anything to sustain it. The other DigiDestined are confused until they find Puppetmon's frozen and destroyed body. House of Hard Knocks

Digimon Masters[]

The Big Dutch Doll is one of Puppetmon's attacks.

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