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Hong Kong Landing! Protect the Super-Maiden Idol!!
(Hon Kon Jouriku! Chō-Bishōjo Aidoru wo Mamore!!)
Airdate (Ja:) December 4, 2011
(En:) December 8, 2011 (subbed)
Toei Animation
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Nene calls the Fusion Fighters to Hong Kong.


A Trailmon Kettle takes Xros Heart to Hong Kong per Nene's request. Nene is Ewan's older sister and both Mikey and Tagiru are excited to come to Hong Kong. The boys make their way to the city where Nene greets them, having debuted as an idol and has become popular. A masked stalker watches Nene from underneath the highway support. Nene immediately gets on good terms with Tagiru; before they could shake hands, the stalker manipulates a motorcycle driver into crashing into Tagiru, but he barely dodges and yells at the driver for being reckless. Nene immediately looks at the support but the stalker has already gone, before asking the boys to enter the limo.

Inside, Shoutmon and Damemon strike a conversation with Nene's Digimon, having not seen each other since Lord Bagra's invasion. Gumdramon is surprised to see more allies, while Nene explains to the boys that she called them over because she felt that someone was stalking her. Sometime ago, after finishing up some work, she was heading back home with her manager when a masked man attacked her police escort. She reloaded Mervamon to apprehend the man, but he was protected by a Digimon and fled into DigiQuartz. Nene wonders why the Digimon are interfering with the human world again.

Nene's manager takes the boys to a studio set where they watch Nene perform in a movie, fighting off thugs in a set. As the scene rolls, Tagiru notices who he believes to be the masked man and attacks him, knowing him out cold. The director scolds Tagiru while Nene explains that the person is just an actor. The director then decides to use Tagiru as a stand-in and he fills the role perfectly to everyones' delight. As Nene tries to help him back up, the masked stalker reappears and magically cuts a lamppost to crush Tagiru, but Nene gets him out of the way in time. The boys then chase the man into DigiQuartz and the Digimon is revealed to be Harpymon, who tells the man that the boys are evil. The man is especially enraged at Tagiru for trying to hold Nene's hand, despite Tagiru's insistence that it wasn't his choice. Harpymon takes to the air, prompting Tagiru to digivolve Gumdramon into Arresterdramon, but Harpymon is too fast and escapes.

Returning to the hotel, the boys inform Nene of the suspect and the manipulating Digimon as she is thinking about her father, who disapproves of her decision to be an idol. Mikey tells Nene that they need her Digimon to fight Harpymon and that they'll lure the stalker out with another concert. As the concert starts, the boys cut the stalker off, who flees into DigiQuartz. Mikey and Tagiru know that they need to stall for Nene, while Ewan informs her of the situation. Arresterdramon is unable to fight Harpymon just as Nene arrives and digifuses JetMervamon, but Harpymon siphons more power from the stalker to overwhelm her.

Tagiru asks Nene to lend Sparrowmon, he DigiFuses Arresterdramon and Sparrowmon to form XrosUpArresterdramon. Arresterdramon is able to catch up and fight Harpymon on even terms, who then flees in an attempt to escape. They fight around the area, and Harpymon launches an attack to drive Arresterdramon off, but he avoids and counterattacks, defeating Harpymon. Tagiru then collects and captures Harpymon's data. Nene thanks Tagiru, and he blushes greatly.

The masked man takes off his wig. Nene and Ewan recognize the man as their father, who doesn't remember what he did. Mr. Amano is surprised to find his children and Nene asks him what happened. He tells them he was reading a newspaper and looked at his laptop, worried about Nene. Two eyes appear on the laptop, and he is dragged into DigiQuartz, finding a Digimon and is in shock. The Digimon, Harpymon, tells Mr. Amano that he would ensure that he would always protect Nene and puts him into a trance.

Mr. Amano tells Nene that something had taken over his mind and used his love for her into energy. Mr. Amano apologizes to her, Ewan and their friends for causing trouble to them. Nene hugs him for knowing that he is watching over her despite the decisions she made for herself.

Back in the Real World, Nene's fans await an encore from her. Mr. Amano and Xros Heart watch from a distance, with Mr. Amano is glad for Nene, whose concert was wonderful and that many people came to see her.

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Humans Champion Armor Xros Wars


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Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour
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Amano Nene
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Digimon Introduction Corner

Type: Mythical Animal
Special Moves
Wind Seeker
Clockmon: "Harpymon! A Digimon with wings for arms, who flies the skies at high speed!"
Old Clock Shop Man: "Its special attack is controlling the winds to release hollow blades of air, Wind Seeker!"
Mikey: "Okay now! DigiXros with Jijimon! DigiXros! Huh? It's just Jijimon... Where did Harpymon go?"
Harpymon: "Hapy!"
Gumdramon: "There he is! He's using him as a bird's nest!"

Other notes

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Animation errors

  • When Nene starts to dance, her stockings are missing and her boots are colored all red.

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