Honeybeemon is an Insectoid Digimon. It armor-digivolved through the power of the "Digi-Egg of Knowledge". It moves very quickly due to its tiny body, and its speciality is making sport of the enemy. When it thinks someone is coming at it, it sneaks around behind them in the blink of an eye and they suffer a single blow from its stinger. Because of its small size, its offensive power is weak, but it possesses speed and techniques that are enough to compensate for this. However, it is extremely fond of sweets, and its weakness is that if they are placed in front of it, it can't see anything else but them.[3] It is not very smart.[4]


  • Sweet Spray (Poison Powder): Fires pollen from his claws that emit a sweet smell that leaves the opponent in a woozy state.
  • Paralyze Sting: Jabs the opponent with its stinger leaving it motionless.


It bears the Crest of Knowledge on its forehead.


Honeybeemon (ハニービーモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Honeybeemon was adopted from a winning Digimon entry in the Bandai-Town FAX Service Digimon Illustration Contest which belonged to Ms. Nao Takei from the Gunma prefecture.


D-3 virtual pet

Digimon Frontier

Digimon Fusion

Honeybeemon are among the residents of the Jungle Zone who watch Jeremy Tsurgi and Angie Hinomoto's Dance of True Heart. They also thank the Fusion Fighters for saving them from the Bagra Army. Rumble in the Jungle Zone!

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