Hiroaki Ishida
(Ishida Hiroaki 宏明石田)
Hiraoki Ishida
Appears in:Digimon Adventure/02
First appearance Adventure: "Flower Power" [35]
Latest appearance 02: "A Million Points of Light" [50]
Actor(s):(Jap.) Hiroaki Hirata
(Eng.) David Greenlee
(Heb.) Nir Ron
Gender Male
Known relatives Nancy Takaishi (ex-wife)
Matt Ishida (son)
T.K. Takaishi (son)
Michel Takaishi (father-in-law)
Sora Takenouchi (daughter-in-law)
Nationality Japanese
Other Names
• (En:) Matt's Papa[1]

Hiroaki Ishida (石田 裕明 Ishida Hiroaki?) is the father of Yamato "Matt" Ishida and Takeru "T.K." Takaishi. He and their mother, Nancy Takaishi, divorced when their sons were still very young, and took custody of Matt.


1-35 01

A reporter for Fuji TV, Hiroaki was once married to Nancy Takaishi, with whom he had two sons, Matt and T.K.. However, the two divorced in 1995, when the children were still very young, with Hiroaki retaining custody of Matt, who had chosen to live with their father as he thought that T.K. needed their mother more, while Nancy retained custody of T.K..

Hiroaki is a typical Japanese man, a reserved, almost distant person who devotes himself to his job—he is usually seen working late hours, even in weekends and Christmas. He does not seem to be too involved in doing house chores, which are usually left to Matt to do.

Despite his tough, strong appearance, he is a loving, friendly person who cares deeply about his sons and even for his ex-wife. The divorce affected him a lot, and he carries an old picture of the once-united family in his wallet. He and Matt have similar personalities and seem to understand each other quite well—one of the running jokes in the series is that Matt considers them "two single men being roommates", and he looks after Hiroaki almost like they have reversed roles in the family.[citation needed] He apparently has a soft spot for his younger son T.K..

Hiroaki is one of the most involved parents in the series, as he is fully aware of his sons' activities in the Digital World, and often lends precious help to the DigiDestined.

He also appears in Digimon Masters.

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