Hiro Amanokawa (天ノ河 宙 (アマノカワ ヒロ) Amanokawa Hiro?) is the protagonist of Digimon Ghost Game. He is partnered to Gammamon.


A first year junior high school student who goes to the Hazakura Private Academy. He is 13 years old. He is a dependable person who manages to do most things on his own, he is often relied upon by others. He's the type of person who never turns down a request. He's very inquisitive, and has started to take an interest in Digimon after meeting Gammamon[1] who he met through his father, Hokuto Amanokawa.[2] Due to his upbringing, while he is energetic and caring of others, he tends to suppress his childlike side.[3]

Hiro tends to do whatever he is asked, leading to a reputation of never refusing a request.

When confronting a new Digimon, he tries to reason with them to resolve the Hologram Ghost incidents they get involved in. However this pacifistic behavior has been seen by MoriShellmon as a liability for when facing a ruthless enemy. The Maneater's Forest


Hiro is a teenage boy with fair skin, green eyes, messy brown hair, and a scar on his left earlobe. He wears a red hoodie over a grey shirt, a blue open jacket with rolled up sleeves that has a logo with five light yellow squares printed on the left breast, black pants, grey socks, and yellow and blue sneakers with white laces.

At school, he wears the Hazakura Private Academy uniform; a white collared shirt, a maroon necktie, a blue blazer with brass buttons and pockets, and black slacks. He wears red and white sneakers, and also wears his red hoodie under the blazer.

His pajamas consist of a green T-shirt with a wide white diagonal stripe in the middle and a small white rectangle on the left sleeve, and grey sweatpants.


Hiro Amanokawa (天ノ河 宙 (アマノカワ ヒロ))

Name used in Digimon Ghost Game. Officially romanized by Toei Animation on the Digimon Ghost Game website.[1]

  • Ja: Amanokawa (天ノ河?). Japanese surname that means "Milky Way".
  • Ja: Hiro (?). Japanese name that means "space".


When Hiro was first designed by Ten'ya Yabuno, he had Goggles. Yabuno created Tai Kamiya to have Goggles as the intention was for him to use them during ariel battles. It then became an "unwritten rule" that Digimon Protagonists would have Goggles. Yabuno brought up during the design process that Hiro shouldn't have Goggles for the sake of it and wound up talking them into allowing him to design Hiro without Goggles.[4]


Digimon Ghost Game[]

When Hiro was young he protected an animal but in the process he got a scar on his ear.[5]

Hiro lived with his father, Hokuto Amanokawa. He attended elementary school with Nanami Moriya. Wall Crawlers

On the day of his Hazakura Private Academy entrance ceremony, he makes breakfast for him and his father. When calling Hokuto, Hiro finds his office empty with a spherical hole on the place Hokuto was previously standing in, and a Digivice -V- and DIM Card on the floor. He told his mother, Ms. Amanokawa, who was surprised by the news. When the police checks the event, they tell Hiro his father will be declared as missing. Hiro then became a boarder at the Hazakura Boys' Dormitory, being lodged at room B-03.

Six months later, in October, Hiro's friend, Kotaro Nomura asks him to let him see Hiro's homework. Hiro allows but tells him to write himself instead of copying. Hiro and Kotaro discuss the rumors about a second-year girl being attacked by the "Sewn-lip Man" the previous day. Hiro, believing it to be an urban legend, questions the rumors, including other students' assumption of the girl being dead, as it would mean no one could say it's the Sewn-lip Man. Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai reminds them of the time, and of Hiro's duties for the week. On the way to the campus, Hiro and Kotaro see a police car, causing Hiro to remember the events from six months prior. A teacher asks them to take some boxes to storage, and on the way back they see the auditorium where the attack happened surrounded by police line holograms. Hiro is surprised when Kotaro tells him the news is going viral, and helps Kotaro break into the locked building to try taking a picture of the entity. Finding nothing, Hiro is skeptical of everything, but the Sewn-lip Man, Clockmon shows up, behaving in the same way as the urban legend. Hiro is terrified when Clockmon steals Kotaro's youth, and just as he is about to be attacked, Aida-sensei and the Math Teacher arrive, checking the break in, and escort Hiro out of the building.

At night, Kiyoshiro goes to Hiro's room to confirm the news and gives him a talisman. An invisible BlackGatomon Uver., which he mistakes for Clockmon, enters Hiro's room and throws three DIM Cards on Hiro's head. Recognizing the DIM Cards from before, he tries each one into a Digivice until he activates the Pseudo Digital World, finally able to see BlackGatomon, who points at Gammamon and leaves the room. Shocked by Gammamon's presence, Hiro receives a recorded hologram message from his father explaining he is in Digital World and that Gammamon is a Digimon. Hokuto asks Hiro to take care of Gammamon as a little brother, and instructs him to put the DIM Card into the Digivice. Back to his normal room, Hiro is annoyed at his father's antics, and figures out how to materialize Gammamon. Clockmon appears in Hiro's room to attack him again and starts to fight Gammamon. Hiro follows their battle to a nearby park and sees Clockmon trying to steal Gammamon's time. Seeing Gammamon's determination, Hiro takes steps toward the battlefield and figures how to use Clockmon's own power against him. His determination to help his new brother causes them to synchronize through the Digivice, allowing Hiro to call Gammamon's attacks. They defeat Clockmon, returning all the stolen time to their owners. Clockmon runs away, leaving Hiro tired and confused by the events. The Sewn-lip Man

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Digimon Dreamers[]

Hiro, with Gammamon riding in his bakpack, walk past Ritsu Kodo when Ritsu is on the way to school one day. A Digimon can dream

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