Hina Kurihara
(栗原 ヒナ Kurihara Hina)
Hina Kurihara b
Appears in:Digimon Links
Gender Female
Occupation Navigator

Hina Kurihara (栗原 ヒナ[1] Kurihara Hina?) is Links's navigator in Digimon Links.


Hina's appearance is that of a teenage girl with fair skin, green eyes, and short pink hair. She wears a blue and white beret with a pixel-like pattern on it, a white and blue ear microphone on her left ear, a white sleeveless dress with a dark blue collar, a yellow scarf and green brooch on the chest, and light pixel-like patterns on dress's hemline, and near the waits. She also wears white with a dark blue fold in the wrist, similar to the dress's collar, a beige belt, a red Digital Monster-like pouch on the right hip, black leggings with a blue hemline, and white dark blue sneakers, also with a fold similar to dress's collar. The sneakers also have a beige belt on the ankle.


Hina is a tutorial program designed to help players navigate the Digital World.


Hina was designed by Anmitsu Okada.[2]


Hina Kurihara (栗原 ヒナ)

Official name used in both Japanese and English version of Digimon Links.

  • Ja: Kurihara (栗原?). Japanese surname that means "chestnut field".
  • Ja: Hina (ヒナ?) A Japanese feminine name.


Digimon Links

Hina is the navigator for Links, and is a tutorial program designed to help players navigate the Digital World. When Links first contacts her, Hina introduces them to the Digital World. A large monster then lets out a roar and fragments the Digital World, which Hina responds to by backing up the Farm data onto Links's device. Afterward, Hina begins to work with Links to restore the Digital World by collecting the fragmented data known as Clusters.

During the "Dragon Shadow of the Fire Blast" event, Volcanicdramon is found deep in a volcanic region that scrambles her ability to contact Links. Hina works with Links to gather more data and drive off Volcanicdramon. A second look at the volcanic region reveals a fiery DigiCore that turns into Vorvomon once retrieved and analyzed. Volcanicdramon then comes and attacks the DigiFarm, showing the ability to turn everything around it into a volcanic region, undoing all of Links's work in restoring the Digital World. Links is able to fend it off once more and stabilize the region. She helps Links analyze Vorvomon, revealing its ability to digivolve into Volcanicdramon.

Notes and references

  1. Her given name was initially written in hiragana as "ひな".
  2. Digimon Links

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