Himari Oofuchi (大淵 ヒマリ Oofuchi Himari?) is a Tamer partnered to Rikka.[1]


Himari is a teenage girl with tanned skin, short dark purple hair, purple eyes, and a large chest. Her hairstyle resembles a cat's fur, with two tufts of hair in the back of the head resembling a cat's ears. She wears a purple headband on her head, and a white "X"-shaped hairpin on a left tuft of hair. She also wears a purple shirt with baggy sleeves and a blue ribbon in the chest. She also wears white short shorts, a pink belt, white stockings, and brown boots. The stockings have purple paw prints on the thigh, and a purple cat face-like logo on its top. Both the stocking and the boots are cut in a way that exposes the back of the feet. The stockings also have purple bows near the bottom cut. In the in-game model, the shirt also has two blue straps tied to the neck in choker-like shape.


A fellow high-school senior, firm, strong willed, and always ready to take action when a new idea comes along. This makes her seem conceited, but she's also willing to work hard for the sake of someone else, even if it means bottling up her own feelings. She finds herself lost in the Digital World with the hero, where she occasionally seems to be brooding over something inside...[3] Occasionally, the Hero sees her making a tormented expression.[1]


Himari Oofuchi (大淵 ヒマリ)

Name used in Digimon World: Next Order.

  • Ja: Oofuchi (大淵?). Japanese surname that means "large deep pool".
  • Ja: Himari (ヒマリ?) A Japanese feminine name. Similar to Hikari, the name of a Digimon Adventure character who is also partnered to a Salamon. The name Himari can be written "光鞠", which contains the kanji for "light" (?), like "Kouta" when written "光太".


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