Hexeblaumon b
Level Mega
Type Magic Knight
Attribute Data
Debut Digimon Encounters
(March 15, 2019)
Prior forms CrysPaledramon[1]

Hexeblaumon is a Magic Knight Digimon. A Magic Knight Digimon that only those who have mastered ice sorcery (a high-level programming language) are able to digivolve to. It protected other Digimon until the very end during an ice age that came to the Digital World long ago, and was later rumored to have moved to another dimension, "Witchelny". It excels in the art of manipulating the cold, and creates various things with ice. It starts with weapons such as swords and hammers, and then other tools such as restraints that restrict the enemy's movements, and is also capable of erecting a barrier to defend itself from attacks, so it is definitely an ice professional.[2]


  • Summon Frost: Spreads cold air over a wide range, instantly transforming anyone that draws near into ice statues.
  • Hectoedge Blizzard: Causes countless ice swords to fall down like a blizzard.
  • Absolute Blast: Unleashes an absolute zero wave from the dragon jaws on its left shoulder, which shatters everything.



Hexeblaumon (ヘクセブラウモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Hex. Possibly a play of Hexagon and "Hexen" (Deu: Witchcraft).
  • (Deu:) Blau (lit. "Blue")
BingkongLingzhushou (冰空领主兽)

Name name used in Digimon Encounters and other Chinese materials.

  • (Zh:) Ice (冰 Bīng?)
  • (Zh:) Sky (空 Kōng?)
  • (Zh:) Lord (领主 Lǐngzhǔ?)


Digimon Encounters

Hexeblaumon digivolves from CrysPaledramon.

Digital Monster X Ver.3

Hexeblaumon digivolves from CrysPaledramon in both versions, and can also digivolve from Mamemon X in the Yellow version. In the Yellow version Hexeblaumon can digivolve to Gankoomon X and Magnamon X, whilst in the Blue version Hexeblaumon can digivolve to UlforceVeedramon X.

Notes and references

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