Herissmon (ReArise) b
Appears in:Digimon ReArise
First appearance "Destiny Realized! I'm Herissmon!" [1]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Risa Taneda[1]
MegaRasenmon Fury Mode

Herissmon is a main character in Digimon ReArise. He is the Protagonist's Partner.[2]


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An excitable, young Digimon, Herissmon lives in the Protagonists phone, and wants to explore the human world. He is very loyal and caring to his partner.


  • Lightning Quills (Lightning Fur): Attacks the opponent by shooting lightning-coated quills.
  • Needle-Point Dive (Kenzan Dive): Curls its body up into a ball and charges forth.


Herissmon is friends with Agumon.[3]

Other Forms

Pusumon's Digi-Egg

Pusumon Digiegg dra

After being killed as Rasenmon Fury Mode, he reverts back into a Digi-Egg.


Pusumon b

Pusumon is Herissmon's In-Training I form.

Some time after Rasenmon Fury Mode's death, he hatches from his Digi-Egg as Pusumon. The Dream a Digitama Sees!


Pusurimon ra

Pusurimon is Herissmon's In-Training II form.

Pusurimon leaps out of the Protagonist's smartphone to protect them from a Keramon-shaped Spiral. Pusurimon puts up a good fight but is nearly defeated. After encouragement from the Protagonist, Pusurimon digivolves into Herissmon and defeats the Spiral. Destiny Realized! I'm Herissmon!


Filmon ra

Filmon is Herissmon's Champion form.

After SkullGreymon reverts Greymon back to Agumon and paralyses Dorugamon, Gatomon, and Reppamon, Herissmon digivolves into Filmon due to wanting to protect the Protagonist and their friends. The Spiral all freeze up, and Filmon defeats some of the nearby Spiral and then attacks SkullGreymon. The Spirals freezing allows Leomon to join the fight, and the Champion level Digimon fight against SkullGreymon. Agumon then re-joins the fight, digivolves to MetalGreymon, and kills SkullGreymon, after which the Digital Point ends. The group then hope they can meet Tyrannomon once again when it's reborn. Herissmon, Digivolve to...!

When the Herissmon, the Protagonist, Chihiro Tsukimori, and Lopmon are searching for Terriermon, they find that Terriermon had been fighting the Solarmon type Spiral for fun. This angered the Spiral, which causes them to fuse together into a Tankmon type Spiral, which proves to be too much for Lopmon and Terriermon. Herissmon digivolves to Filmon, and with the help of Lopmon, defeats the Spiral, returning the Digital Point back to normal. Lopmon and the Alluring Aroma

When Herissmon, the Protagonist, Keito Tamada, Elecmon, Michi Shinjo, and Salamon go to the park where Nozomi Tamada and Pumpkinmon were playing when a Digital Point opened up, Herissmon digivolves to Filmon to help fight the Spiral alongside Pumpkinmon, Leomon, and Gatomon. The Digital Point is eventually stopped by GrapLeomon. GrapLeomon's Will to Protect!

When Keito creates an app based on previous Digital Points to help find other Digital Points, it reacts having found a new Digital Point. The Protagonist, Herissmon, Elecmon, and Keito go to the newly found Digital Point, where they find that Takumi and Dorugamon are already fighting the Spiral. As more spawn, Elecmon and Herissmon decide to digivolve to Champion so that they could match the power of the Clockmon type Spiral. Whist fighting, one of the Spiral attacks him, causing Filmon to be unable to move. The Spiral then all group up and attack Filmon, with GrapLeomon and Dorugamon unable to help due to being stuck fighting other Spirals. Filmon's desire to defeat the Spirals to protects his friends causes him to lose control and go berserk, and its rage causes him to defeat the Spirals that were attacking him. A SkullMeramon type Spiral than spawns and attacks him, and Filmon's desire to protect its friends causes him to digivolve to Stefilmon. Super Digivolve to...! Stefilmon!

When Leomon digivolves to GrapLeomon after a Digital Point expands, causing more powerful Spiral to spawn, Herissmon tries to digivolve to Filmon, though the Protagonist and Keito stop Herissmon from digivolving, worried that Herissmon would go on a rampage again. DoruGreymon's Crimson Wings of Fury!

When it snows, the group all have a snowball fight, however in the middle of it Herissmon is suddenly enveloped in a dark aura and wanders off. After the group follow Herissmon they discover he had lead them to a Digital Point, in which Frigimon-type Spiral were attacking a Wanyamon and a Motimon. The Spiral split the Digital Point in two and cause the group to be split up, and Herissmon's rage at seeing the In-Training Digimon being attacked causes him to defeat the Spiral, but in the process he harms the In-Training Digimon as well. As more Spiral spawn, Herissmon and Kudamon digivolve to Filmon and Reppamon to fight them. As Filmon fights the endless stream of Spiral, he gives into the rage more and more and when the rest of the group are able to reunite, Filmon attacks Gatomon under the impression that Gatomon was an enemy. As Filmon realises that he attacked Gatomon, the group are surrounded by SkullGreymon-type Spiral and when Reppamon begins to struggle against the remaining Frigimon Spiral, Mayu charges in and tries to help and is attacked - and Filmon, now back to his senses, saves Mayu's life, after which Mayu asks Filmon to support Reppamon in fighting the rest of the Spiral. Filmon and Mayu arrive just in time to save Reppamon's life and Reppamon is surprised to see Mayu risking her life to save it, and digivolves to Chirinmon through the power of their stronger bond. Filmon then digivolves to Stefilmon to help Chirinmon fight the Spiral. An Onslaught of Spirals! Digimon Under Attack!

After DoruGreymon is easily defeated by a Chaosdramon in a Digital Point, Takumi asks the group for help and they return to the Digital Point together so they can fight the Chaosdramon and stop it before it attacks the Town. Herissmon digivolves to Filmon, rather than Stefilmon, as they worried about what would happen should Herrismon digivolve to Stefilmon. Filmon fights the Spiral there with the rest of the group and after defeating all the Spiral they find Chaosdramon and DoruGreymon attacks Chaosdramon on its own, however its attacks once again do nothing, though this time DoruGreymon is able to withstand Chaosdramon's attack. As Chaosdramon readies its next attack, Filmon runs in front of it to protect DoruGreymon and after taking the attack, Filmon is overcome by a dark aura and demands more power so that it can protect Takumi and DoruGreymon and despite the protests of the rest of the group, digivolves to Stefilmon. Crisis in the Real World: The Mega Digimon Blocking the Way!

Worried about the fact that Herissmon would frequently wander off on its own and not remember doing so, the group come to the conclusion that Herissmon's ability to detect Spiral may be the reason and so decide to defeat all the nearby Spiral in the hope it would help Herissmon. Herissmon digivolves to Filmon and teams up with Gatomon, Leomon, and Reppamon to cleanse the nearby Digital Points - however as they continue to clear them out Filmon is surprised attacked by a SkullMeramon Spiral which causes a Digital Point to open up around Filmon, forcing it to digivolve to Stefilmon. Stop the Rampage! Banish Evil with Holy Light!

When Herissmon, the Protagonist, and Tentomon hunt down Diaboromon's avatars in a Digital Point to prevent them from realising in the Real World, Herissmon and Tentomon digivolve to Filmon and Kabuterimon to fight against the Kuramon and Keramon. After Kabuterimon kills some of them, an Infermon spawns. As Filmon and Kabuterimon continue to fight the Keramon and Kuramon, Kabuterimon attempts to Super Digivolve, however Infermon attacks Kabuterimon before it is able to. Filmon then attacks Infermon to buy time for Kabuterimon. Clash Battle! Infermon This allows Kabuterimon to Super Digivolve to MegaKabuterimon, who then proceeds to defeat Infermon. Since there were still many more avatars however, Filmon Super Digivolves to Stefilmon to fight them. Raid Clash Battle! Demon Lord of Destruction, Diaboromon!


  • Crimson Slash: Whirls in a continuous slashing attack with both claws.
  • Lightning Stinger: Skewers the enemy and injects energy into them that destroys their data.


Stefilmon ra

Stefilmon is Herissmon's Ultimate form.

After Filmon goes berserk and loses control whilst fighting a large group of Clockmon type Spiral, a SkullMeramon type Spiral spawns and attacks Filmon, which causes Filmon to digivolve to Stefilmon due to his desire to want to protect his friends. Stefilmon easily defeats the Spiral, however this doesn't calm Stefilmon down who then proceeds to attack his friends during his rampage. As Stefilmon fights GrapLeomon, Dorugamon, and Agumon, the group realise that the Spiral must've done something to Stefilmon, and Takumi states that they may have to kill Stefilmon if he continues to rampage. After the group defeat all the Spiral, the Digital Point disperses and Stefilmon, still rampaging, reverts back to Herissmon and passes out from exhaustion. Super Digivolve to...! Stefilmon! This rampage causes the group to tell Herissmon not to digivolve any more just in case it goes on a rampage again, and after Dorugamon digivolves to DoruGreymon it tells Herissmon it will deal with Stefilmon should it rampage again in the future. DoruGreymon's Crimson Wings of Fury!

After Reppamon digivolves to Chirinmon to save a group of In-Training Digimon from a group of Frigimon-type Spiral, Filmon digivolves to Stefilmon and defeats the Spiral alongside Chirinmon. Stefilmon, however starts to feel the influence of the Spiral taking over it again, and Chirinmon tells Stefilmon to revert back to Herissmon, which Stefilmon reluctantly proceeds to do. An Onslaught of Spirals! Digimon Under Attack!

After Filmon takes an attack from a Chaosdramon to protect Takumi and DoruGreymon, Filmon is overcome by a dark aura and demands more power so that it can protect the duo and digivolves to Stefilmon - despite the protests of the rest of the group. This pleases the Chaosdramon as it has found an enemy strong enough to rival its power, and Chirinmon and GrapLeomon decide to team up with Stefilmon to fight the Chaosdramon. As they fight, Takumi eventually realises that he can't do everything on his own and that his friends are there to help him, which causes DoruGreymon to digivolve to Gaiomon, and the group team up and eventually kill the Chaosdramon. After Stefilmon de-digivolves back to Herissmon, it states that it heard many voices talking in its head which cause it to lose itself, and Herissmon begins to worry about if its is going to be okay. Crisis in the Real World: The Mega Digimon Blocking the Way!

After Filmon is surprise attacked by a SkullMeramon Spiral a Digital Point opens up around Filmon and forces it to digivolve to Stefilmon. The Spiral then posses Stefilmon, forcing Stefilmon to go on a rampage. The Spiral's influence increases Stefilmon's power and Stefilmon easily beats down GrapLeomon and Chirinmon. During the battle Gatomon digivolves to Angewomon and uses its "Heaven's Charm" to remove the Spiral's control, however it doesn't last very long and the Spiral possesses Stefilmon again. Chirinmon then uses its "Holy Wave" which fully removes the Spiral's possession, reverting Stefilmon back to Herissmon and ejecting the Spiral out of its body. Stop the Rampage! Banish Evil with Holy Light!

When Diaboromon tries to use the Digital Points to allow itself and its avatars to realise in the Real World, Omegamon asks Alphamon for help to deal with it. After Omegamon and Tentomon search for Alphamon, they find it with Herissmon. After explaining the situation, Herissmon and the Protagonist ask to help, and Alphamon asks Omegamon to fight Herissmon so that Herissmon and the Protagonist can learn from Omegamon. Herissmon warp digivolves to Stefilmon and fights Omegamon and after Stefilmon puts all of its power into an attack against Omegamon, Omegamon is impressed and states it has more than enough faith in its partner and battle experience to help Omegamon and Alphamon deal with Diaboromon and its avatars. Clash Battle! Omegamon After Filmon buys time for Kabuterimon to Super Digivolve to MegaKabuterimon, MegaKabuterimon defeats an Infermon avatar, and then Filmon Super Digivolves to Stefilmon to help MegaKabuterimon fight the rest of the Keramon and Kuramon avatars. As they're fighting them, multiple Diaboromon avatars arrive and attack the two Ultimates, however Alphamon suddenly arrives and defeats the Diaboromon avatars saving Stefilmon and MegaKabuterimon. Even more spawn however, and the during the endless battles against the rest of the avatars they find that the Diaboromon slow down when they revive themselves due to the amount of data they have to process, which in turn slows down the real Diaboromon that Omegamon is in the middle of fighting. Eventually Omegamon kills the real Diaboromon thanks to the work of the trio killing so many of the Diaboromon avatars. Raid Clash Battle! Demon Lord of Destruction, Diaboromon!

When Diaboromon remnants later reappear, Herissmon digivolves to Stefilmon to fight them alongside Rasielmon, but the remnants fuse into Armageddemon in response, defeating the duo and reverting Stefilmon to Herissmon. The Embodiment of Counterattacks! Armageddemon Raid Clash Battle!

Rasenmon Fury Mode

Rasenmon Fury Mode ra

Rasenmon Fury Mode is Herissmon's alternate Mega form. When confronted by a large group of spirals, Stefilmon is forced to fuse with them all, which causes him to dark digivolve into Rasenmon Fury Mode.


Rasenmon ra

Rasenmon is Herissmon's true Mega form.

After fighting his friends as Rasenmon Fury Mode, Stefilmon manages to come to his senses, and digivolves to Rasenmon. He then attacks the red eyes within himself, which causes Rasenmon Fury Mode to die, and revert back to a Digi-Egg.

Notes and references

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