This page is a how-to guide for copying content to or from Digimon Wiki.

Note: If you are the primary author of the content you are coping, you do not need to do the following.

  1. Open two browser windows, one for the source article and one for the target article. (or whatever works for you)
  2. Click the edit tab and copy the text you want to take from the source article and past it into the target article.
    Copyhelp copy section

    copy and paste your text in the edit window like you would for any text application.

  3. Before saving, go to the source article's page and click on/copy the link found on the left hand side that says "Permanent link". Paste the url into the edit summary box of the target wiki, with any additional contents you wish to add. (i.e. "adding voice actor section from Digimon Wiki" so that people know what the edit is for) Do this for both copying an entire page, or even just a small section of it.
    Copyhelp right click copy

    You can either click on the link and then copy it from the resulting address bar, or right-click and select "copy link" to save time.

  4. If you are taking content from Wikipedia to Digimon Wiki, also put the {{Wikipedia}} template on the bottom of the article if it is not already there.
    Copyhelp wikipedia template and summary

    This is how your edit window and summary should look before saving content added from Wikipedia

Important notes

  • Remember that you can only copy from other websites that identify as being compatible with the GFDL, such as: most wikis hosted on Wikia, Wikipedia or any of the Wikimedia projects, Public Domain sources, etc.
  • If you are taking content from a non-wiki source, then use the url (if it is a website) and note the date that you copied the information (normally the same day you are making the edit) in the edit summary box.
  • Non-Digimon links should generally point back to Wikipedia, or another appropriate wiki. To do this take a link like this: [[Bandai]] and add "wikipedia:" to it like this [[wikipedia:Bandai|Bandai]]. The | pipe allows us to hide the "wikipedia:" part from showing up, for better readability.

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