Haruchika Minase (水無瀬 ハルチカ Minase Haruchika?) is one of the main antagonists of Digimon Survive.




Haruchika Minase (水無瀬 ハルチカ)

Name used in Digimon Survive.


During the Kamakura period, five children were offered up to the Kemonogami by Yukiha Minase in an attempt to gain their powers with Yukiha offering up her own brother, Haruchika, as one of the sacrifices. Upon getting to the alternate world, Haruchika ended up becoming partners with Fanglongmon whilst the other four becoming partners to the Four Sovereign Monsters.

Haruchika had a wicked mind however, which caused the Kemonogami to turn savage. He wanted to use their powers to return to the human world and kill his sister, the entire Minase clan, and then destroy the entire human world in revenge for being sacrificed. His rage and thirst for revenge caused Fanglongmon to become Master, who Haruchika tells to destroy the world. In order to give him more power, Haruchika tells Master to absorb him, which he does. The other four are almost able to defeat them but at the last second end up being unable to actually kill their friend. In order to help save the world, the Four Sovereign Monsters use their powers to seal Master off in four different directions with them unable to leave the shrines. This is able to last hundreds of years, though Master eventually breaks free due to their powers weakening. He then continues where he left off, still desiring to return to the human world to get his revenge.

With Haruchika's spirit inside Master, he and his partner work together as Master in their attempts to destroy both worlds.

This happens in the truthful route.

Upon Master's defeat, it reverts back to Fanglongmon though rather than regular it was instead Fanglongmon Ruin Mode. The defeat also causes Haruchika to be ejected from his partner's body.

Miyuki Minase's song, which weakened Master during his battle with the humans, caused the gate to the human world to open. Fanglongmon Ruin Mode tries to go through the gate though the group fight him to try and stop him. As they fight, they all hear the voices of other humans and learn that someone had recorded a video of Agumon fighting Piedmon. So many humans having watched the video causes all of the partner Kemonogami to power up, which also weakens Fanglongmon Ruin Mode. As the battle continues, Yukiha possesses Miyuki and uses her to talk to Haruchika. She takes in some of the dark malice inside Fanglongmon Ruin Mode, which weakens it even further, with this finally allowing the group to defeat him. After his defeat, he reverts back to regular Fanglongmon. Yukiha states that every day after Haruchika was sacrificed she thought of him, and wanted to travel to alternate world as well but couldn't due to her responsibilities in the Minase clan. Upon being reunited with his sister, Haruchika regrets his actions and states that he will leave the world to them and will watch them as they do so, alongside Yukiha. They then leave, leaving the world in the hands of the humans. Master no longer being in charge of the alternate world causes both worlds to merge together once again.

Other forms[]

Master's egg[]

This happens in the moral route.

Kemonogami forms[]


Main article: Master (Survive)

After Fanglongmon dark evolves to Master, he tells Master to absorb him to gain more power. Master does so, with this allowing the two of them to work together as Master.

Boltboutamon (Fusion)[]

This happens in the harmonious route.

Plutomon (Fusion)[]

This happens in the wrathful route.

Notes and references[]

  1. Master + Boltboutamon
  2. Master + Plutomon