Hackmon is Rei Katsura's Buddy Appmon.



  • Vanquish Claw: Enlarges its right claw which then sprouts robotic hands that extend to grab any foe. This attack is capable of breaking up Applinks.



Hackmon is Rei Katsura's Buddy Appmon. On October 15, they attack a cornered Mailmon and collect his Appmon Chip. Hackmon also informs Rei about Haru Shinkai's current status. The Character I Leveled Up is Naked?! Ropuremon's School Dungeon!


Hackmon is Rei Katsura's Buddy Appmon. On October 1, he is with Rei when they collect Ropuremon's Appmon Chip. Protagonist Launch

Other Forms


Raidramon (Appmon) t.jpg

Raidramon is the App Fusion of Hackmon and Protecmon.

On December 3, 2016, Rei apprealizes Raidramon to defeat Haru, Eri, and Astora, and steal their 7code Appmon. The Aspiration of the Appmon! The Legendary Seven Code Meeting! Raidramon was then later used to scare Sakusimon away from the App Drivers. Dive into the Net Ocean! Follow Super Hacker Rei! Rei then lends Raidramon's Chip to Haru for him to Applink with DoGatchmon. Sakusimon—Defeat With Super Applink!


  • Barrage Jack: Sinks its claws into the ground to send spikes in the shape of its fingers out of the ground in a line towards its enemy, ending with a ball of them bursting out under the enemy's feet.

DoGatchmon plus Raidramon


Revivemon t.jpg

Revivemon is the App Fusion of Raidramon and Dezipmon.


  • Wunder Genesis (Deu: "Wonder Genesis"): Fires a beam that can restore an appmon to their normal state.
  • Saver Strahl (Deu: "Saver Beam"):Surrounds itself with energy, then fires a beam from the second head.


Hadesmon in the background.

Hadesmon is the App Fusion of Revivemon and Biomon.


  • Melan-Explode (Grc: "Black-Explode"): Gathers energy in the form of a massive ball, and throws it underneath the enemy, causing a giant bolt of lightning to appear, and attack the enemy. This attack can also break through the surface web.
  • Hell Kakia (Grc: "Hell Malice"): Sinks its tail into the ground to create cracks that fold an entire dimension on top of the enemy.

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