This article is about the Hackmon who appears in Digimon Adventure tri.. For the Hackmon who appears in the Digimon Adventure PSP game, see Hackmon (Adventure).

Hackmon is a messenger of Homeostasis.


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Hackmon is one of the few Digimon without a Human partner that can Digivolve into higher leveled forms, whilst also having the ability to revert back to the base form. His goal, along with Homeostasis, is to restore balance to both the Human World and Digital World (Adventure), by removing Libra at any cost.


Hackmon is a Digimon who observes the DigiDestined's Digimon.

On June 19, 2005, he observes Meicoomon walking in the port. Later, he observes the DigiDestined after their fight against Kuwagamon. Several days later, he observes Alphamon attacking Meicoomon, and fades away. Reunion Some days later, he stares at the building where Meiko Mochizuki lives. When Leomon is talking to the DigiDestined about the infection, he hears their conversation. Leomon detects him, but Hackmon leaves before being caught. He later spies as Meiko shows her festival outfit to Meicoomon. At Tsukishima General High School's cultural festival, Hackmon observes the fight against Imperialdramon. Determination Some time after Meicoomon's disappearance, Hackmon reports to someone that he still can't find her, but thinks she's not in the Digital World, and that he'll continue to look. Future

Other Forms


BaoHuckmon Digivice JP 15th.png

BaoHuckmon is Hackmon's Champion form.

In the Digivice Ver.15th and Digivice Ver.Complete, Hackmon can digivolve to BaoHuckmon.


SaviorHuckmon Digivice JP 15th.png

SaviorHuckmon is Hackmon's Ultimate form.

In the Digivice Ver.15th and Digivice Ver.Complete, BaoHuckmon digivolves from Hackmon and can digivolve to SaviorHuckmon.


Jesmon t.gif

Jesmon is Hackmon's Mega from. He is able to defend himself by donning his cloak. Confession

When the DigiDestined arrive on the rebooted Digital World, Jesmon is fighting Alphamon. Confession

In the Digivice Ver.15th and Digivice Ver.Complete, Jesmon digivolves from SaviorHuckmon.


  • Un Pour Tous (Fra: One For All): Fires a beam from a triangular shield formed by At, Rene, and Pol.

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