The Gunslinger (ガンスリンガー Gansuringā?) is a spy satellite in Digimon World 3.


Junior travels to Amaterasu City after defeating MAGAMI's President, discovering the Vemmon in Asuka's A.o.A Headquarters, and learning that most humans on both servers have been transformed into Oinkmon. At Amaterasu's A.o.A. Headquarters, he encounters Lord Megadeath, who takes him to the Gunslinger Spy Satellite to fight.

At the satellite, Junior is barred from the satellite's Control Room on its Second Floor by multiple Blocks standing in his way. In order to remove them and reach Megadeath, he uses the satellite's teleporters to find their controls, some of which are guarded by robots partnered with Digimon. When he finally reaches the Control Room, he is first ambushed by an Armageddemon, and then finally defeats Lord Megadeath.

The defeated Lord Megadeath attempts to awaken Snatchmon for revenge[please confirm], but Snatchmon decides to instead absorb Lord Megadeath's Matrix Data[please confirm] and fuse with the Gunslinger to become Galacticmon, intending to then absorb the Earth to become Gaiamon after defeating Junior.

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