GulusGammamon b.jpg
Level Champion
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Virus
Debut Vital Bracelet Digivice -V-
Prior forms Gammamon[1]
Partners Hiro Amanokawa

GulusGammamon is a Dragon Man Digimon. It is a ferocious Digimon that digivolved when the evil heart hidden within Gammamon was released. It rejects interference from those around it and is only interested in fighting, and if it grabs an opponent that comes into sight, its attack will not end until it kills them. It puts up ferocious battles where it attacks regardless of whether its limbs are broken.[2]


  • Dark Palace (Dark Pales): Crushes the enemy with flames of darkness that it amasses in its hands.
  • Death Demona (Desdemona): Hurls flames of darkness that it amasses in its hands while maintaining their power.
  • Dead-End Skewer: Kills the enemy by piercing their vitals with the tip of its tail with pinpoint accuracy.


GulusGammamon is a bidepal black and purple Digimon a ceratopsian-like head, white eyes with black sclera, a grey face, and a tail. It has a small black horn as a nose, thunderbolt-shaped upper horns, and a yellow drill-like horn. The black and grey parts of its head are a separated by a purple border that forms an "X" under the drill-like horn, and it has purple accents on the tips of its head crest. It has a thin torso with visible ribs, and a red bipyramidal gem engraved on it. Its hands have three digits with red claws and its feet have four digits with golden claws. Its tail has a golden harpoon-like tip. It wears a blue cape tied around its neck with black belt with a metallic grey buckle.


GulusGammamon (グルスガンマモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Gulus, From Regulus. Though it may be from the Grus constellation or from from Gruselig (Deu: "horrifying, gruesome") as "Gulus" can also translate to "Grus."
  • γ, the third Greek letter and/or Gamma ray.


Digimon Ghost Game

Vital Bracelet Digivice -V-

GulusGammamon digivolves from Gammamon and can digivolve to Canoweissmon and Kimeramon. It can also be used as the Virus Attribute Champion level requirement for other Digimon's DNA digivolution requirements.

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