Guardromon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. An Android type, Guardromon is a protector by nature, a mechanical defense specialist who faithfully fights for justice. However, he tends to be rather foppish and frequently unlucky in his endeavors. His name is sometimes spelled as Gardromon.


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Separated from the others, Rika's group encountered an Andromon who was trying to liberate a village of Gekomon from the control of Orochimon, who had enslaved them to mix sake for him (milkshakes in the English dub). Andromon was badly injured in the battle with the Tamers taking him to the Gekomon village, where they eventually managed to convince the Gekomon leader to give them some of the data packets from their drinks to heal Andromon. However, he had lost much of his energy from the fight and regressed into Guardromon as a result.

He helped the Tamers rescue Jeri Katou from Orochimon by conducting a plan of stowing away inside the drink barrels to get onto Orochimon's island undetected. After Orochimon was destroyed, Guardromon became a Digimon partner to Kazu who helped out in the battles with Beelzemon and the D-Reaper.


  • Guardian Barrage (Destruction Grenade): He fires literally whistling missiles from the retractable missile launchers in his forearms.

Other Forms[]


Kapurimon (カプリモン, Caprimon?)

Guardromon De-Digivolved to Kapurimon after the D-Reaper was defeated and was forced to return to the Digital World.



Kokuwamon is Guardromon's Rookie form.

In the virtual pet D-Power, Kokuwamon can digivolve to Guardromon.[2]


Andromon (アンドロモン, Andromon?)

Andromon is Guardromon's Ultimate form. In the Digital World, Rika and the others saw an Andromon throwing a giant boulder into a nearby lake. Andromon was trying to lure out the evil Orochimon and at first thought that the kids had come to stop him. Once they realized they were all on the same side, they tried to work together and defeat Orochimon, but Andromon had sustained too many injuries and Orochimon escaped. It turned out that Andromon was actually trying to be a hero and liberate the Gekomon in a nearby village from Orochimon's tyrant rule. Having taken too many injuries, however, he downgraded to Guardromon. After stopping Orochimon for good with the help of the Tamers, he became Kazu's partner. From that point on the Digimon stayed in his Champion form, Guardromon, and never actually Digivolved again in the show or the movie although if he wanted to Kazu presumably could enable him to do so with a Blue Card.


  • Gatling Attack (Gatling Missiles)



HiAndromon is Guardromon's Mega form.

In the virtual pet D-Power, Andromon can digivolve to HiAndromon.[2]

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