The Guardians (守護者 Shugosha?) are three powerful Beings who appear in the video game Digimon World 2.


Digimon World 2[]

Each Guardian gives their patronage to one of the Guard Teams: the Black Swords who use Virus Digimon, the Blue Falcons who use Data Digimon, and the Gold Hawks who use Vaccine Digimon, and thus their names derive from the teams they represent. They are in charge of the Digimon of their type and their creation. They are also the Grand Beings who created Tamers, by teaching them their Tamer Techniques and how to digivolve Digimon. They offered those things to the humans in the Digital World in exchange for a promise, which was to show the strongest Tamer the path to a new world, the Kernel Zone, where the Guardians are. Akira, the protagonist of the game, proves himself to be that Tamer after completing many difficult missions, and is sent to the Kernel Zone. There, he goes to Core Tower, where on the 24th and last level he meets one of the Guardians, whose type is the same as the one of the Guard Team he is a member of. Upon being defeated, the Guardian shows the path to OverLord GAIA, whom it wishes for Akira to defeat.


Black Sword Guardian[]

The Black Sword Guardian is the patron of the Black Swords Guard Team, which specializes in Virus-type Digimon.


  • Stun Punch (Knuckle Rush): Throws a devastating punch at its opponent, which paralyzes them when in counter-attack.
  • Armor Aid (Bounding Armor): Increases its defense by one level.
  • Rail Cannon (Rail Cannon): Shoots a red energy blast that hits its foe hard with an explosion.

Blue Falcon Guardian[]

The Blue Falcon Guardian is the patron of the Blue Falcons Guard Team, which specializes in Data-type Digimon.


  • HP Zapper (Magna Mater): Throws a large blast of pink energy to cut an enemy's HP in half.
  • Critical Blow (Pinpoint Kick): Launches a strong kick that finishes off a weakened opponent but has no effect if the enemy is not so weakened.
  • Reset Status (Interferon): Resets its status back to normal.

Gold Hawk Guardian[]

The Gold Hawk Guardian is the patron of the Gold Hawks Guard Team, which specializes in Vaccine-type Digimon. Its Japanese name, the Silver Guardian, is a reference to the Guard Team's Japanese name of the Silver Cross.


  • Karate Sweep (Level Sweep): Strikes all opponents with a powerful sweep of its hand.
  • Energy Blast (Radio Maniple): Unleashes a very powerful blue energy blast, hitting one enemy.
  • Safety Sphere (Protection Sphere): Creates a sphere of blue energy that raises its defense by one level.

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