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"Guardian Angel"
(Hikari no Kioku)
"Hikari's Memories"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Saban Entertainment
Airdate (Ja:) May 14, 2000
(En:) September 9, 2000
Written by (Ja:) Atsushi Maekawa
(En:) Jeff Nimoy, Bob Buchholz
Directed by (Ja:) Hiroyuki Kakudou
Chief Anim.
Yoshihiro Takeda
Art Tetsuhiro Shimizu
Toei Animation
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The group are forced to retreat from an intense battle, and Kari ends up stranded in the Digital World. So the Digimon Emperor decides to send in one of his most powerful servants to deal with her.


DA02 ep7 recap

Episode recap for Guardian Angel.


As the Digi-Destined continue to demolish the Control Spires and free parts of the Digital World and the Digimon there from the Digimon Emperor's control, they soon find themselves outnumbered against an army of Guardromon defending their domed city and the spire located there. With the Digimon low on energy to maintain their Armor Digivolved forms, they retreat back to the Real World, but before Kari can retreat, a Guardromon destroys the television, leaving her stranded in the city, surrounded by hostile Guardromon, with her partner.

Davis and T.K. decide to head back in via the television in another area close to the city while Yolei and Cody remain behind to avoid raising concerns from their families due to it being close to dinner time.

As Kari and Gatomon, as Nefertimon, attempt to find another television to retreat back home to the Real World, watching from his headquarters, the Digimon Emperor decides to send an "old friend" of the Digi-Destined to deal with Kari, to Wormmon's horror.

Meanwhile, while Matt has to deal with Davis' sister Jun, Tai joins Yolei and Cody to head back in to save his little sister. In the Digital World, with no Control Spires nearby, Patamon naturally digivolves to Angemon to take out the lone Guardromon guarding the entrance to the city, but once inside, reverts back due to the spire's influence. By the time Davis and T.K. find Kari, they are confronted by none other than Andromon, who Kari and T.K. recognize, but is under the influence of a Dark Ring.

After Andromon subdues the Armor Digimon, he hesitates as he analyzes the goggles on Davis and recognizes them as the same ones Tai wore. When Tai then arrives with Yolei and Cody, he tries to reach Andromon, who is able to access his memory banks and recognize Tai, before the Dark Ring begins to malfunction, causing Andromon to pick Kari up, recognizing her as well from his memory banks, before Kari's D-3 falls and causes Andromon to remember the commemorative photo he took of the Digi-Destined, Gennai, and their Digimon allies after they defeated Apocalymon three years ago.

This fully breaks the Dark Ring's hold on Andromon, who puts Kari down, breaks the Dark Ring around his neck, and uses his Gatling Attack to destroy the Control Spire, shutting down the Guardromon, who he then sets about rebooting to aid him with protecting the city from the Digimon Emperor.

After the Digi-Destined return home, Izzy reprimands them for opening a Digital Gate at night and the consequences if a teacher had discovered them, before then explaining what he found out regarding the new Digivices and dubs them "D-3"s to help tell them apart from the original Digivices.

While the Digi-Destined return home for dinner with their families, Ken sulks in his room, pondering over how to modify the Dark Rings to better control Ultimate-level Digimon after what happened with Andromon.

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Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Other

Digimon Analyser

DC ga.pngDC chouon.pngDC do.pngDC ro.pngDC mo.pngDC n.png

Machine Digimon

Special Move
Destruction Grenade
Guardromon: "I am Guardromon. Whoever tries to enter the premises shall become victims of my Grenade Destroyer attack."

DC a.pngDC n.pngDC do.pngDC ro.pngDC mo.pngDC n.png

Cyborg Digimon

Special Move
Spiral Sword,
Gatling Missile
Andromon: "I am Andromon. I have one mission—seek out my enemy and destroy him with my Lightning Blade."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Halsemon 1 Poromon 4 Halsemon 11 Hawkmon 14 Poromon 26 Halsemon 30 Poromon
Halsemon b.jpg Poromon b.jpg Halsemon b.jpg Hawkmon b.jpg Poromon b.jpg Halsemon b.jpg Poromon b.jpg
DigiEgg of Love b.png DigiEgg of Love b.png

Pegasusmon 1 Patamon 4 Pegasusmon 11 Patamon 19 Angemon 20 Patamon 22 Pegasusmon 25 Patamon
Pegasusmon b.jpg Patamon b.jpg Pegasusmon b.jpg Patamon b.jpg Angemon b.jpg Patamon b.jpg Pegasusmon b.jpg Patamon b.jpg
DigiEgg of Hope b.png DigiEgg of Hope b.png

Nefertimon 1 Gatomon 4 Nefertimon 11 Gatomon 18 Nefertimon 23 Gatomon
Nefertimon b.jpg Gatomon (Ringless) t.gif Nefertimon b.jpg Gatomon (Ringless) t.gif Nefertimon b.jpg Gatomon (Ringless) t.gif
DigiEgg of Light b.png DigiEgg of Light b.png

DemiVeemon 4 Flamedramon 9 Veemon 16 DemiVeemon 17 Veemon 21 Flamedramon 24 Veemon 28 DemiVeemon
DemiVeemon b.jpg Flamedramon b.jpg Veemon b.jpg DemiVeemon b.jpg Veemon b.jpg Flamedramon b.jpg Veemon b.jpg DemiVeemon b.jpg
DigiEgg of Courage b.png DigiEgg of Courage b.png

Upamon 4 Digmon 9 Armadillomon 15 Upamon 27 Digmon 29 Upamon
Upamon b.jpg Digmon b.jpg Armadillomon b.jpg Upamon b.jpg Digmon b.jpg Upamon b.jpg
DigiEgg of Knowledge b.png DigiEgg of Knowledge b.png


Davis: "There must be a hundred of 'em!"
Yolei: "Wow, you counted that high without even taking off your shoes and socks."

—Yolei mocking Davis as the group face off against an army of Guardromon.

T.K.: "I think now's a good time to return to our world. We can come up with a new plan."
Yolei: "T.K.'s right. We can talk to Izzy."
Davis: "Are you guys out of your minds? Quit now? I've never been a quitter!"
Flamedramon: "I agree. Davis, let's regroup."

—Flamedramon agrees all right, but with the group, not Davis.

"Ouch! Say, shouldn't we put pillows here if we're gonna keep going this?!"

Yolei recognizes that returning from the Digital World doesn't get any easier.

Davis: "Wait a second. Where did Kari go?"
Cody: "She's trapped! In the Digital World!"

—Not that much different from the original DigiDestined who were stranded in the Digital World.

Davis: "T.K., wasn't Kari right behind you when you went into the gate from the Digital World?"
T.K.: "Mm hmm."
Davis: "Then it's all your fault! Why didn't you let her go first?!"
Cody: "Stop! It was no one's fault! It just happened!"
Davis: "What do you know?! You're a little kid!"
Cody: "Yeah, but I still know when someone's being a jerk!"
Davis: "Uh, I guess that's me."
T.K.: "Truth is, Davis is right."
Davis and Cody: "Huh?"
T.K.: "It really was my fault. I should've been watching out for her all along."
Davis: "Well, I guess I could've, too."
Cody: "So could I. That's what I mean. There's no one to blame."

—The DigiDestined play the blame game.

"This was a great idea, crossing the desert without any water!"

Davis is being sarcastic, unaware that T.K. had a similar experience during his first trip to the Digital World.

Davis: "Okay, if it's tails, I rescue Kari. If it's heads, you get to go...Tails! I'll tell her that you were worried about her and that you—"
T.K.: "Huh, a coin that has tails on both sides. That's how I used to beat Matt." ...
Davis: "Did you really use one of those coins on Matt?"
T.K.: "Yeah, that's how I got all his baseball cards and his old guitar."

—Davis and T.K. bond over a trick coin.

"Human girls make human boys act sort of weird."

Veemon is very observant.

Wormmon: "It's almost your dinner time. Shouldn't you be going home soon, Ken?
Digimon Emperor: "Never call me anything but 'Master'!"
Digimon Emperor: "Since she's all alone... she deserves someone special."
Wormmon: "Oh no, you can't! Anyone but him!"

—The Digimon Emperor makes his next move, but not before chewing Wormmon out for calling him by his real name.

"Kari's at a friend's house doing a science project on gravity and they need to see how long I can stand on my head. See ya!"

Tai gives a flimsy excuse to his mother before he leaves to rescue his sister.

"Oh, I forgot! I left Mimi on hold when she called from New York. Her phone bill!"

Matt, better late than never.

T.K.: "Angemon! I haven't seen you in a while."
Davis: "An- An- Angemon?"
Veemon: "Hi there... big guy."

—Angemon's debut in Digimon Adventure 02.

"You know, those control spires really ruin my day."

Patamon cannot maintain his Champion level when a spire is near.

Davis: "So besides armor digivolving, Patamon can also digivolve to Angemon? What about Gatomon?"
T.K.: "Well, she can digivolve to Angewomon."
Davis: "You're kidding me! Angemon AND Angewomon?"
Patamon: "That's right! We make a great team!"
Davis: "One question, is there an Angebabymon, too?"
Patamon: "Sometimes he says the weirdest things!"
Davis: "Veemon! Tell me right now if you can digivolve into Ange-something, too. Angedinosaurmon? Angesoccerplayermon?"
Veemon: "I just don't have it in me!"
T.K.: "He's still got a lot to learn."

—Davis' jealously reaches a whole new level.

Jun: "I promise not to tell my parents you were lying if you promise to go out on a date with me, okay? See you Friday at eight!"
Matt: "...How did THAT happen?"

—Poor Matt.

"Please hold for the Digimon Emperor. Line one for you, sir."

Wormmon takes a call for his master.

Kari: "Hey Davis! T.K.! You guys are my heroes!
Davis: "Actually, it was mostly my idea, but I decided to bring T.K. along for the ride!"
T.K.: "Whatever!"

—Davis, humble as ever.

"Why can't these guys ever be small?"

Davis asks a fair question when faced with Andromon for the first time.

"I'll have two cheeseburgers and a large order of fries..."

Patamon gets his butt handed to him by Andromon.

Kari: Andromon, don't you remember how we fought together?
T.K.: Kari, we have to get out of here! We don't even know if it's the same Andromon!
Kari: I'm sure it's him!
T.K.: Yeah, but even if it is, he's under the control of the Digimon Emperor! He can't even hear your voice!
Kari: You don't know that!
Davis: As much as I like you two arguing, he's headed right for us!

—Davis seems to like it when Kari and T.K. argue

"Faces... long ago... DigiDestined... I love jigsaw puzzles... Now I see the complete picture."

Andromon loves jigsaw puzzles apparently.

Izzy: "Matt just called and told me what had happened with Kari. And I'm really upset that you guys have left me out of the loop. Cody called Tai for help, and Tai called Matt, but no one ever calls me until the adventure is all over with!"
Tai: "Come on, Izzy, don't be like that. There was just no time to call you. You know you're a big part of the team."
Izzy: "That's right! And as a team member, I expect to be treated with the same respect I give to all of you! I may not be as strong as you or Matt, but I've gotten us out of just as many jams with my particular skills."
Tai: "I'm sorry I didn't call you."
Izzy: "Now that's what I call respect. Okay, I forgive you."
Tai: "Wow! That was easy."

—Tai knows there's no predicting Izzy when he gets like this.

"Prodigious little devices, aren't they?"

Izzy's catchphrase makes a comeback as he talks about the D-3s.

"Our parents are waiting for us! The food's probably cold and soggy by now. Of course, for my mom, that's an improvement!"

Tai can't leave his mother's cooking alone for a minute.

Matt: This is all Davis' fault. I can't believe I have to take his sister out on a date.
Hiroaki: "Hey, Matt, something smells great. I'm getting hungry."
Matt: "Uh, dinner's ready?"

—Matt's not the only one fuming; the food is, too.

Other notes

Continuity errors

  • When Angemon entered an area with a control spire, he immediately de-digivolved to Patamon because of it, so how come Greymon and Garurumon were able to destroy the control spires in new areas without doing the same thing?

Animation errors

  • In the first shot of the group in the computer room, Poromon's beak is colored pink instead of yellow, and the shadow of Tai's left foot is shown through Gatomon's right foot when he turns around.
  • In the rear shot of Flamedramon and Digmon as the Guardromon are closing in, Flamedramon's neck collar is coloured blue instead of the correct dark red.
  • In a shot of the Digimon Emperor in his chair and Wormmon, the white section at the side of the Digimon Emperor's leg is colored blue instead
  • In a close-up shot of the Digimon Emperor in his control room, the yellow stripes on his cape are white.
  • After jumping over the Guardromon, the black areas of Flamedramon's eyes are white.
  • In a shot of Kari and Gatomon standing up, after Gatomon de-digivolves, the inner part of Gatomon's ear is completely pink.
  • When Andromon's Lightning Blade collides with Flamedramon's Fire Rocket, Flamedramon degenerates to Veemon before the flash of light normally accompanying degeneration appears.
  • When Andromon deflects Digmon's Gold Rush attack, the black part of his right shoulder joint is colored like his flesh.
  • During one shot of Andromon holding Kari, a square section of his left arm normally colored gray is instead yellow.
  • When Kari's D-3 falls out, it can be seen going through her camera.
  • When Andromon uses his Gatling Attack to destroy the control spire, the scleras of his eyes are missing.

Dubbing changes

  • At the beginning of the episode, when all the Digimon fire their attacks at a control spire, the moment the spire collapses was removed from later English dub airings due to similarities with 9/11, although the spire is still shown splitting apart.
  • When Patamon digivolves to Angemon in the English dub, the words "Digivolve into Ultimate" are heard, even though Angemon is actually a Champion Digimon.
  • Veemon saying hi to Angemon is exclusive to the English dub.
  • Davis' idea for Veemon's digivolved form is originally named UltraAngemon.
  • In the original version, Davis brags that Kari said his name before T.K.'s name.
  • When Andromon fires his Gatling Attack at a control spire, a shot of the projectiles striking the spire was removed from later English dub airings, also due to similarities with 9/11.
  • In the English dub, Matt's realization that he forgot to cook his father's dinner is replaced with the realization that he left Mimi's call on hold. Later, Hiroaki questioning Matt about why he arrived home late is replaced with a conversation about Matt's upcoming date with Jun.

Digimon references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Kari announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • This the first episode to use a new digivolution sequence featuring one of the D-3 digivices (as opposed to those used by the original DigiDestined).
  • This is the first episode in which Davis actually calls T.K. by his real name.