Growlmon X is a Demon Dragon Digimon and carrier of the X Antibody. Because it has accepted and contained the extraordinary power of the "Digital Hazard" within itself, and that its attack instinct as a Virus-species enhanced further, it will exhibit a ferocious nature where it is unable to control its overflowing power, changing its personality into one on a thin line with justice depending on how it grows up. However, Growlmon's power has clearly increased, and the blades on both of its elbows have enlarged even more, developing and causing plasma to appear when attacking the enemy.[2]


  • Exhaust Flame: Spews out a powerful blaze with a roar.
  • Plasma Blade: Develops plasma along the blades on both of its elbows, then strikes the opponent.
  • Raiden Blade: Uses the destructive energy produced from the "Plasma Blades" on both of its elbows.


Growlmon X is an enhanced version of Growlmon. It lacks Growlmon's Digital Hazard symbols, some of its triangle markings, and DigiCode on its stripes. Despite the fact that the Digimon Reference Book mentioning enlarged blades growing on its elbows, no media depicts Growlmon X with any physical blades on its elbows like that of Growlmon.


Growmon (X-Antibody) (グラウモン(X抗体))

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media. Some media format the "(X-Antibody)" without parentheses,[3] shorten it to "X"[4] or leave it out entirely.[5]

Growlmon X

Name used in Digimon Masters.


Digimon Masters[]

Growlmon X digivolves from Guilmon X and digivolves to WarGrowlmon X.

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