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BATTLE03: Greymon VS Peckmon!
(Gureimon Bāsasu Pekkumon!)
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Upon Knight and Peckmon's arrival, Raremon is deleted and the signifance of the Hacker Tamer is revealed; all digimon Knight and Peckmon defeat turn into trash data, unable to be recovered. Tsurugi then notices that Peckmon, who can actually speak, also has a hexagonal mark—the mark of an Illegal. Greymon and Peckmon fight, with Peckmon dominating the battle until Tsurugi and Greymon's determination shatters Peckmon's shield. At this point, Knight has Peckmon attack the Terminal's battle program, paralyzing Greymon and allowing Peckmon to deal a critical blow. When Knight orders Peckmon to kill Tsurugi, the cloaked figure intervenes and transfer them away, while Ami wakes up in the Real World, only to find that Tsurugi has been sucked into the game. When Tsurugi awakes in a train terminal, he goes to check on Agumon, dedigivolved from his Greymon, only to realize that he actually can feel things. The cloaked figure then reveals that he transferred him to the Digital World. Tsurugi guesses that the cloaked figure is Shou Kahara, only to find that it is instead Piximon, one of the Sages (賢者 kenja?) of the Digital World. He then tells them to board a Trailmon (C-89 Model). Meanwhile, Knight reports to an unseen figure that he failed to delete Greymon and then reveals that he is actually Shou.

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