GreyKnightsmon b.jpg
Level None[1]
Type Dark Knight
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Greymon (2010 anime) + MailBirdramon + SkullKnightmon + Axemon[2]
Greymon (2010 anime) + MailBirdramon + AxeKnightmon[3]
MetalGreymon (2010 anime) + SkullKnightmon + Axemon[3]
MetalGreymon (2010 anime) + AxeKnightmon[3]
Partners Immortal Brave

GreyKnightsmon is a Dark Knight Digimon. Its figure, which holds the gigantic Drill Lance as if it was a weapon wielded by a giant, and is equipped with two gigantic gun turrets, overwhelms all Digimon.[4]


  • Gigas Spiral



GreyKnightsmon (グレイナイツモン)

Official romanization given by Digimon Jintrix and used in the franchise.


Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red

GreyKnightsmon DigiFuses from Greymon (2010 anime), MailBirdramon, SkullKnightmon, and Axemon.

Digimon Heroes!

GreyKnightsmon DNA digivolves from DarkKnightmon and MetalGreymon (2010 anime).

Notes and references

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