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Grani (Digimon)
Appears in:Digimon Tamers
Digimon Fusion
First appearance Tamers: "His Kingdom for a Horse" [47]
Last appearance "Fusion: "A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!" [78]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Masami Kikuchi[1]
(En:) Dave Mallow
Fusion (+ Gallantmon)
MegaGallantmon Crimson Mode

Zero ARMS: Grani is a special type of Digimon who also serves as a transport vehicle. It was named after Sigurd's horse from Norse mythology.



Grani mainly served as a "steed" for Gallantmon to ride on, and had Mitsuo Yamaki's Yuggoth Program installed. Grani was originally a rudimentary digital lifeform, but soon evolved into a sapient Digimon. It was created by the 'Monster Maker' team with the aid of Hypnos as an 'ark' to bring the children home from the Digital World. During this time, Grani developed a bond with Guilmon and Guilmon's Tamer, Takato Matsuki. Later the ark was modified and brought to the Real World by Henry Wong's D-Power, and Gallantmon gives it life. Afterwards, it offered its wings to Gallantmon, transforming him into "Gallantmon Crimson Mode" for the final battle against the D-Reaper. Grani also saved Beelzemon after he was attacked by the D-Reaper.

When the Old Clock Shop Man summons the heroes of the past to the Fusion universe to help take down Quartzmon, Grani shows up and merges with Gallantmon into Crimson Mode to fight an army of copies of Myotismon, VenomMyotismon, and MaloMyotismon. After the army is defeated, Grani leaves and Takato hopes to see him again. A Great Legendary Hero Gathering! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!

Other forms

Gallantmon Crimson Mode

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