GrandGalemon is a Bird Dragon Digimon. It is a massive Ultimate Digimon revered as King of the Forest. The surface of the armor that covers even GrandGalemon's wings and beak has a magic coating. GrandGalemon possesses the special ability to reflect light and blend into its surroundings, and, despite their enormity, its wings can muffle sounds when flapped. GrandGalemon's large, comb-like protrusion symbolizes its status as King of the Forest, and many of the forest's inhabitants are said to bow down at the mere sight of it. The gusts generated by GrandGalemon's war fan, "Stymphalides," which was itself forged with wind magic, do as GrandGalemon commands. Using these winds, it can convey instructions and deliver warnings to groups of Galemon, ensuring the forest's safety. Being a magic user, GrandGalemon is also one of the Digimon belonging to the "Vortex Warriors," a group under MedievalGallantmon's command.[1]


  • Draconic Storm: Uses Stymphalides to release a blast of wind that cuts down everything in the vicinity. 
  • Wing Tornado: Enters a tailspin from which it tears into foes with its metallic wings as it charges ahead.



GrandGalemon (グランゲイルモン)

Official romanization given the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.


Digimon Liberator[]

During one of Shoto Kazama turns in his duel against Frozen Knight, he digivolves his ST18-08: Galemon into EX7-034: GrandGalemon for 3 cost — putting him on 0 memory. GrandGalemon's on digivolving effect then activates, with Shoto having to suspend a Digimon. Although EX7-017: SnowAgumon is already suspended, Shoto is allowed to target it for this effect and does so. He then digivolves ST18-05: Muchomon into another copy of Galemon for 2 cost. This puts Frozen Knight onto 2 memory, however Shoto's turn doesn't end as both Galemon and GrandGalemon use their Vortex effects to attack. GrandGalemon uses this to attack Frozen Knight's security. On Frozen Knight's turn, it moves EX7-021: CrysPaledramon from the Breeding Area to the Battle Area then uses it to attack the suspended GrandGalemon. CrysPaledramon uses the inherited effects of EX7-020: Paledramon and EX7-016: Bulucomon, stripping GrandGalemon of both of its digivolution sources — leaving it with none. It then uses its Ice Clad ability to have the battle compare digivolution sources instead of DP. As CrysPaldramon has two, and GrandGalemon has none, it destroys GrandGalemon. Out of Control (Part 2) Later in the duel, Shoto digivolves another copy of ST18-08 to ST18-10: GrandGalemon, with Pteromon fusing its consciousness with this stack. Out of Control (Part 2)

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