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The Gorgeous Knight (ゴージャスナイト号 Gōjasu Naito-gou?) is a ship owned by Knight Unryuji in Digimon Universe App Monsters. It has the L-Corp's logo on it.


Digimon Universe App Monsters

On summer 2017, after the Appliyama 470 election, Knight Unryuji invites Eri Karan for a party at the Gorgeous Knight. Eri attends the party assuming the 9 GODs would be there, and is surprised to learn Knight and her are the only ones in the boat. Knight asks for help in locating Bootmon, offering to help her become the Appliyama 470's top idol, and reveals L-Corp works for Leviathan. Eri rejects his offer and states her determination to become the top idol by her own efforts. Eri and Dokamon try to escape the ship but are surrounded by many Men in Black. As Haru, Astora, and Rei approach the ship in a pedal boat, Eri jumps from the Gorgeous Knight. Election Results! The Hands of Evil Aproach Eri!

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