Gogmamon is a Rock Digimon. It is a Digimon with an enormous body. It is said to have a small population at present, and mostly lives in solitude deep inside caves. It hardly ever eats food that looks like food, and will occasionally leave the cave to build up energy by taking in light through the crystals covering its body. It reliably eliminates intruders inside the cave with its "Giant Grater".[2]


  • Giant Grater: Grinds the enemy with the crystals on its arms.
  • Curse Refraction (Curse Reflection): Fires the light energy it has accumulated from the tips of its crystals.



Gogmamon (ゴグマモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


During development Gogmamon's name was GrandGolemon (グランゴーレモン?).[3]


Digimon Adventure:

A Gogmamon, aided by Goblimon and Sunarizamon, enslaves a number of Gotsumon to dig for gemstones in his mines. The DigiDestined, particularly Mimi Tachikawa, oppose Gogmamon and attempt to free his slaves. During a battle, Mimi and Tai Kamiya notice that Gogmamon spits out the diamonds that he eats and realize that he can't bite through them. Mimi provides Lillymon with a diamond which she incorporates into her Flower Cannon attack, blasting through Gogmamon's defenses and cracking his body. Declaring that he's fired, Lillymon attacks with her Flower Drill which Gogmamon attempts to block, but Lillymon is able to drill through Gogmamon's weakened defenses and destroy him, causing his minions to flee, freeing the Gotsumon. Mimi-chan Wars

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