Cover of Digimon 10th Anniversary CD, featuring the first five "goggleheads" and their Digimon partners

"Gogglehead" is a term that was popularized by Rika Nonaka in Digimon Tamers when using it for fellow DigiDestined Takato Matsuki, who wears goggles to imitate the two DigiDestined leaders in his universe's cartoons, Taichi "Tai" Kamiya and Davis Motomiya. The term has become a demonym for all DigiDestined "leaders" in the six series of the Digimon anime and several of the manga, even though the "leader" of the fifth season, Marcus Damon, does not wear goggles. These characters' Japanese names generally start with "Ta" or "Da" (た/だ?)—although in Marcus and Tsurugi Tatsuno's cases this applies to their surnames—and a draconic partner Digimon.