Ghilliedhumon is a Fairy Digimon. It is a forest-dwelling Digimon that is particularly skilled at hunting. Ghilliedhumon is an incredibly adept hunter, and its camouflage-covered body allows it to blend in with the forest and strike without giving its position away to its prey. Though Ghilliedhumon has a peaceful disposition, it is very territorial over its hunting grounds, and those who carelessly wander into its domain will be sniped without warning. Ghilliedhumon prefers slow movements to avoid leaving any signs or making any sound. As such, it struggles to move swiftly. Ghilliedhumon's eyes have special abilities.[1]


  • True Sight (True Eyes): Allows it to see even inside Digimon prey, accurately locating their DigiCores.
  • Core Snipe (Core Shoot): Using its trusty rifle, "Bellota" (Esp: Acorn), Ghilliedhumon shoots the enemy Digimon's Digicores, finishing off its targets.


Ghilliedhumon is a short bipedal Digimon with purple skin and orange eyes, three brown curved wood-like horns, hands with five digits and red claws, a reptilian tail, and black feet with three red claws. It wears a hooded green suit made that covers most of its body and appears to be made of leaves. The hood is shaped in a to resemble a beast's mouth, and the suit has a vine protuding near the tail.

Ghilliedhumon carries the "Bellota", a grey rifle with a telescopic sight, brown leaves for camouflage, and some vines. There are two miniature bird stuffed toys, one purple and one yellow, under the telescopic sight.


Ghilliedhumon (ギリードゥモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Vital Bracelet BE Digivice-VV-[]

Ghilliedhumon is an obtainable Ultimate level Digimon in the BEMemory Gammamon Dim Card.

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