Season 1, Episode 32: "Gatomon Comes Calling"

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Transcribed by: Me/Kari



Myotismon: Ahh, darkness, the perfect cloak for my evil. Ideal conditions for producing fear. Human blood always tastes better with a dash of fear in it.

Woman: *gasp* What is that? A carriage? *whimpers* *screams*


Demidevimon: I hate this fog! Master, where are you? I'm getting mildew on my wings! Aha! Finally! Sheesh, he couldn't take a cab like everyone else? At last, I was starting to worry.

Myotismon: Calm down. I went out to have a bite to eat and to get familiar with the city. It is always so difficult to get a good meal when one is away from home.

Demidevimon: Yeah. Right. So what do we do next boss?

Myotismon: We are continuing the search for the 8th child. The details are of no concern to you.

Demidevimon: Well, as I always say 'uh, whatever you say.'

[Tai's Room]

Tai: Come on, where did I put that thing? Junk. Stuff. More junk. More stuff. Man, I was a messy kid. I can't believe how unorganized I was. Woah oh. (books fall on top of Tai and Agumon)

Kari: Whatcha doing?

Tai: Looking for my old phonebook. It'll have exactly what I need.

Agumon: And I'm helping.

Kari: How come?

[Kamiya's Kitchen]

Newscaster: And now today's top story: The monsters that are plaguing the city. Still no official comment on where the creatures are from. We will keep you updated throughout the day. Meanwhile, in other news, health officials report young women all over the city are being hospitalized for anemia....

(doorbell rings)

Mrs. Kamiya: Just a moment.

Newscaster: No one knows if the cases are connected, but doctors are voicing concern that so many seemingly healthy young women are being struck down so suddenly.

Mrs. Kamiya: Tai, it's your friend Izzy.

Tai: Coming! *humming*

Agumon: (tripps) oops!

Kari: *Giggles*


Tai: Hey.

Izzy: Hey, ready to go? Agumon you Digivolved!

Agumon: You bet! All I needed was a good meal.

Tentomon: Psst! It's me.

Tai: Tentomon. Nice disguise, dude.

Tentomon: Thanks, Tai. I put it together myself.

Tai: Wait til Mimi sees you.

Agumon: Tai, I need one, too.

Tai: Yeah, any ideas?

Agumon: Mmm-hmm.


Tai: Yeah, real inconspicuous.

Izzy: So, Tai, did you find your address book from school?

Tai: Oh, ah, well, Sora was in my class, so I thought we'd just use hers.

Izzy: Uh huh. Couldn't find it, huh?


Tai: All right, listen up everybody! I called you all here because, well, uh, there was nothing good on TV.

Matt: Ha ha, very funny, Tai. So where are the others?

Sora: Hey, wait! Don't start without me! *Panting* huh. Good morning!

Tentomon: Ok, so where's Mimi?

Izzy: She's probably out buying clothes.

Mimi: Oh get out and walk, you're too heavy to push.

Palmon: Mimi, how's that going to look? I'm supposed to be a widdle baby.

Mimi: You just grew up, now get out!

Sora: Did you guys see it? It was all over the news on TV this morning.

Matt: More and more of Myotismon's Digi-Bozos are popping up in the city.

Tai: And they're very real.

Agumon: What do you mean?

Tai: The last time we came back there were Digimon all over the place, like now. But only Kari and I could see them. Everybody else walked right by them, as if they weren't even there. Now even normal people see them, and they're on the news and everything. It's like they're really here this time.

Izzy: Maybe it's because this time they came through the gate that Myotismon made.

Matt: I don't like it. If they can be seen then they're physically here. And if they're here physically, they can do a whole lot of damage.

TK: Yeah? Like what?

Matt: Do I really need to remind you what those evil Digimon are capable of?

Mimi: Creepy.

Izzy: Complete systems failure.

Tai: Ah! So what are we sitting around here for? We better get out there and find that 8th kid if we want to stop these guys. Save the DigiWorld and we'll save out own!

TK: Go Tai!

Sora: Uh huh.

Matt: What's the plan?

Izzy: Well, I've got a theory-

Joe: STOP! I wanna hear Izzy's theory! Don't start until I get there! I love Izzy's theories. Hold on!

Tai: All right, we won't start without you.

Izzy: We've already concluded that when the Digimon attacked 4 years ago, all of us, including the 8th child were there. It is also safe to assume that each of us were given Digivices for a reason. Last night, I picked up an unidentified Digivice reading. I think it was the 8th child. Obviously I lost the signal, but it's clear that the 8th child was in this vicinity. That's why the monsters are here, too.

Mimi: Monsters!? Worse than snakes! And this is supposed to help us? I'm lost.

Izzy: My conclusion is that the 8th child is somewhere in one of these address books. Somehow we have to make a lot of calls and patrol the city for monster attacks at the same time.

Joe: Well, I guess I could do some calling, long as my folks don't find out, but I really gotta do some serious studying, so I won't be able to go on the search with you.

Matt: What?!

Tai: Joe, it's summer!

Joe: I'm getting an early start. This year I'm really going to be prepared.

Mimi: Here then. If you're not coming with us, then you might as well do my calling for me, okay? Thanks.

Matt: Joe, we're talking about the fate of the world here, if you're going to chicken out you can call all the names in my book, too. Cya.

Izzy: Yes. It might make more sense having one person concentrate on the phone calling rather than splitting it up.

Sora: He has a point there. Good Luck *Giggles*

Joe: Wait a minute. No Tai. Not yours, too! Please!

Tai: I'm not that kind of guy, Joe. Don't worry, it's my job, and you've got enough on your plate.

Joe: Oh man Tai, you're a totally great guy! Thanks a lot!

Tai: Huh huh. Ah well, you know . Sora: Mr. Generous. I bet he couldn't find his address book.

Izzy: Well, how'd you ever guess?


Tai: Woah! Look at all that damage from last night's battle!

Matt: And there'll be a lot more, too, if this goes on.

TK: We've gotta hurry up and find that 8th child.

Matt: We will. We're not called the DigiDestined for nothing.


Demidevimon: Master, are we almost there yet? 'Cause all this water's making me queasy. Those DigiDestined brats are probably miles away by now.


Man 1: Hey look, that fog's coming in again. I've never seen anything like it.

Man 2: At the same time we're having the hottest weather on record.

Man 1: And I heard that somebody saw snow falling last night. The Ozone layer must be messed up worse than we thought.

(Park: Underground)

Gatomon: Welcome, oh Great One. All is ready.

Myotismon: Perfect, Gatomon. As always, you have done excellent work.

(Park: Above Ground)

Demidevimon: Hey, Whiskers. What do you think you're doin?

Gatomon: I don't think. I know why I'm here. I'm finding the 8th child.

Demidevimon: That's my job, Furball. I'm in charge here.

Gatomon: Yeah right.

Demidevimon: Listen up Puss-in-Boots, quit suckin up to the master. "I'm the master's cute little pet." Gag me with a furball!

Gatomon: It's really hard to feel threatened by a bowling ball with feathers.

Demidevimon: Blah blah blah blah! Just keep outa my way. I'm finding that kid, not you, got it! Take a cat nap Kitty Litter. Ha ha!

Gatomon: That flappy-winged joker couldn't find water if he fell out of a boat.


Tai: Okay, so we'll split up into pairs so we can cover more of the city, got it?

Matt: Got it.

Izzy: Let's go!

Sora: Good luck everybody!

(In front of shop)

Agumon: I see food!

Tai: Agumon, keep you mind on our mission, okay? Anything?

Izzy: No, there's nothing yet.


TK: Well it doesn't look like he's down here. That would have been too easy, anyway.

Matt: Yeah right.

(Joe's house)

Joe: *Dials phone* Hi. I know this is kind of strange, but I was in second grade with you...


Palmon: Hey! Stop pushing!

Biyomon: I'm not pushing you, you're kicking me!

Palmon: You crossed the line onto my side you big cheater!

Biyomon: I am not a cheater! You're a liar!

Palmon: I'm telling.

Sora: Knock it off. If you two keep fooling around someone's gonna get hurt.

Mimi: I know how they feel. Just walking around in this heat's enough to make anybody cranky. You know what this is Sora? A big fat drag.


Gatomon: What silly creatures. Pea-brained dolts. Laugh it up. When Myotismon's through, you won't be laughing.


Kari: Miko. Come back here. Where'd you go? Miko! *Gatomon walks past* What a funny looking kitty. Hi, there. Are you a friend of Agumon?

Gatomon: Huh?

Kari: Are you one of them?

Gatomon: Meow. Meow.

Kari: What's your name?

Gatomon: Meow. Meow. *Gatomon runs off*

Kari: Wait, don't go. Hmm.

(Street corner)

Gatomon: So, she knows about Agumon. Hmm. Is it possible this little squirt is the 8th child?

(Outside the Kamiya home)

Kari: Hey, I know you're there.

Gatomon: *Screeches*

Kari: You can come in if you want to. Mom's not home.


Newscaster: Weather experts can't explain the unseasonable fog. In fact, they have no explanation for any of the bizarre weather conditions we've been having. Including this heat wave.


Mimi: I'm not meant for this kind of work. If I ever have a baby, I'm gonna hire somebody to push her around, that's for sure. Hold on, how about a break, okay?

Sora: Again? Well, make it quick.

Mimi: Ahhhh. Last night I got to sleep in a soft bed with the AC cranked up, watching my own TV. Wasn't that the best, Palmon?

Palmon: Dinner was really something, too.

Mimi: Wasn't it great? My mom knows all the best take-out places in the city. She never has to cook.

Biyomon: Sora's mom made our dinner and it was terrific. Well, all of it except this kind of green mushy stuff. What's it called?

Sora: What? Spinach. Now let's see, where was I? Hmm.

Mimi: Would you look at that? She's not even tired.

Palmon: You're different. You like to take things easy.

Mimi: Finding this kid's harder than finding a good sale. Hey Sora, if we really wanna find this kid, we should go where lots of people gather.

Sora: You thinking of any place in particular?

Mimi: Yep. Right there. *points to large tower* Besides, we can see the whole city from up there. Really get the lay of the land, you know?


Mimi: Ahh. There. Isn't that better? Nice and cool. I knew this place would have AC.

Palmon: Feel's great!

Sora: Should have guessed you'd have an ulterior motive?

Mimi: Isn't your house over there?

Sora: Yeah. It sure is strange being back in our own world again.

  • Skullmeramon walks in*

Palmon: Does it feel like it's getting warmer?

Mimi: Yeah, it does. Let's move over closer to the blowers.

Palmon: There, that's more like it.

Biyomon: Wonderful.

Mimi: What happened to the air?

Sora: Maybe this heat wave finally got to be too much for it.

Mimi: Uhh! Look at that weirdo wearing a coat in this heat! And such an ugly one, too!

Sora: Hey, Mimi, be quiet. He'll hear you!

Mimi: Oh and what's he gonna do?

Sora: See? He heard you. I told you!

  • SkullMeramon becomes surrounded in blue flames*
  • Sora and Mimi scream*

Palmon & Biyomon: Uh-oh!

Mimi: Well, I guess that explains the coat!

(On a city street)

Agumon: Is it me or did it just get hotter all of a sudden?

Tentomon: I didn't notice.

Izzy: Look up at the tower, it's almost like it's bending!

Tai: Impossible! Wait a minute. *looks through mini-telescope and sees Birdramon & Skullmeramon fly through a window in the tower* Oh no, we got trouble!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Togemon: Get ready for my needle spray!

Izzy: Explain this to us Agumon, just who is this guy?

Agumon: He's SkullMeramon. His element is fire. He's tough and he can sure dish it out!

Skullmeramon: Grr. Metal Fireball!

Tai: The tower's gonna fall on the city!

Izzy: Grab it, Kabuterimon, Hurry!

SkullMeramon: Don't you know not to play with fire?

Tai: Are you ready?

Agumon: Yeah! Agumon Digivolve to...Greymon!

Greymon: Nova Blast!

  • Skullmeramon absorbs the attack and becomes larger*

Tai: Great, now we've really made him mad! He swallowed the Nova Blast like a hot-fudge sundae

Izzy: All it did was make him stronger! Unless Greymon Digivolves again he's toast!

SkullMeramon: *Growls*

Greymon: Greymon Digivolve to...MetalGreymon!

Togemon: Light-Speed Jabbing!

Mimi: Watch out, this guy is scary!

Togemon: Oh! Hot! Who-hoo!

SkullMeramon: Metal Fireball *Birdramon shrieks*

MetalGreymon: Hey, up here bucket of bolts!

SkullMeramon: Huh?

MetalGreymon: Mega-Claw!

SkullMeramon: I've got you! Metal Fireball!

MetalGreymon: Grr! Who's got who now?

SkullMeramon: Huh?

MetalGreymon: Giga Blaster!

  • SkullMeramon is destroyed*

(Kamiya Home)

Newscaster: While the monsters caused extensive damage to the tower, no casualties was reported.

Gatomon: *thinking* She isn't SO bad, for a human. Better company than some Digimon, that's for sure

Newscaster: But fear is in the air. And there's a general feeling of public unrest. Now back to our regular programming.

Gatomon: *thinking* Still, orders are orders. And I'm not going to be the one who lets the 8th child get away.

Kari: Hi

Gatomon: huh?

Kari: Come here.

Gatomon: uh, whoa! *falls off couch*

Kari: Are you going already? But you'll come back again, right?

  • Gatomon runs out of apartment*

Gatomon: *thinking* Her sweetness makes me lose my edge, but I'll be back and next time I'll be ready for her.

Newscaster: While no one knows where these monsters are from or why they're here, it's clear the Earth is at some sort of crossroads. The question is, down which road does our destiny await?