Gatchmon is a Search Appmon.


  • Deep Search: Launches one of its claws into a search engine to find the results of a search.
  • Gatch Claw: Coats one of its claws in energy, then slashes the opponent.

Applink Attacks

  • Messe Stream Attack: An attack available when applinked with Messemon, fires off 3 text bubbles
  • Doka Punch: An attack available when applinked with Dokamon, flies towards the enemy while surrounding itself with comet-like energy, then delivers a punch.


Gatchmon is a bipedal cat-like creature with white fur, yellow eyes, a tail, a small horn on the nose, and small fangs. It has metallic feet with three toes each and a large claw on each toe, and metallic hands with three clawed fingers each. It has a magnifying glass-like appendage on its tail, and a yellow looking glass mark on its belly. It wears a red helmet with two horns forming a "V"-like shape, and a magnifying glass-like object on the helmet, the latter of which references its search abilities. Like all Appmon, it has two cables on its back to allow Applink.


Gatchmon (ガッチモン)

Official romanization given by Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters and used in the franchise.

  • Gatch. From "gachi" (ガチッ?), the onomatopeia for a metallic claw sound.[5]


Gatchmon was named by Gō Koga.[5]


Digimon Universe App Monsters

Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (manga)

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Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (3DS)

Main article: Gatchmon (Appli Monsters 3DS)

Gatchmon is #001 in the Appmon Reference Book. When its Chip is used in battle, it makes it so that the next attack will have critical damage.

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Gatchmon appeared on a sign to promote Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (3DS).

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