Gankoomon X
(ガンクゥモン(X抗体) Gankoomon (X-Antibody))
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Level Mega
Type Holy Knight
Attribute Data
Debut Digimon Chronicle X, "Savior" [16]
Royal Knights

Gankoomon X is a Holy Knight Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. By assimilating Hinukamuy into itself, it has manifested on Gankoomon's back along with the characters Gankoomon (刓空者? lit. "Sky-trimmer"). Should it fully unleash its surging aura, then that aura will transform into something resembling wings, exhibiting Gankoomon's power at its maximum. The Tetsu Geta it wears has become an offensive and defensive weapon that it holds in its hand.[1]


  • Tekken Seisai (鉄拳制裁? lit. "Striking With Fists"): Strikes with all its strength at anyone and everyone who talks back to it.
  • Jishin! Kaminari! Kaji! Oyaji! (地神!神鳴!神馳!親父!? lit. "Earthquake! Lightning! Fire! Father!")[2]: Hinukamuy looses heaven's punishment at Gankoomon's harsh words.
  • Chabudai Gaeshi (ちゃぶ台返し? lit. "Flipping Table In Anger"): Flips the ground as if it was a chabudai made of Chrome Digizoid, with the flipped ground becoming as hard as Chrome Digizoid.
  • Tetsu Geta Harite[3]: Deals heavy blows with the Tetsu Geta.
  • Kyūkyoku Sengi Tengyouken (究極戦技天仰拳? lit. "Ultimate-Battle-Technique-Heaven-seeking Fist"): A flawless, pulverising uppercut that condenses all of its energy in its right hand, ignoring all defenses.



Gankoomon (X-Antibody) (ガンクゥモン(X抗体))

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.

  • (Ryu:) Gankoo. Romanization of "gankū" (ガンクゥ? lit. "a stubborn person").
  • X-Antibody.
Gankoomon X (ガンクゥモンX)

Name used in Digimon Chronicle X.

  • (Ryu:) Gankoo. Romanization of "gankū" (ガンクゥ? lit. "a stubborn person").
  • X. From X-Antibody.


Gankoomon X was designed by Haito Nakano.

Gankoomon ranked 33rd in the Digimon X-Antibody Super Vote.


Digimon Chronicle X

Main article: Gankoomon (Chronicle)

Notes and references

  1. Digimon Reference Book: Gankoomon (X-Antibody)
  2. This name is a pun, as "Jishin! Kaminari! Kaji! Oyaji!" (地神!神鳴!神馳!親父!?) is read literally in Chinese as "Earth-god! Thunder! Longing! Father!"
  3. Harite is a Sumo Wrestling attack, in which one of the Sumo Wrestlers strikes the other with an open palmed strike.