Gankoomon is a Royal Knight.


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  • Quake! Blast! Fire! Father! (地神!神鳴!神馳!親父! Jishin! Kaminari! Kaji! Oyaji!?, lit. "Earthquake! Lightning! Fire! Father!")[1]: Hinukamuy looses heaven's punishment at Gankoomon's harsh words.
  • Table Flip (ちゃぶ台返し Chabudai Gaeshi?, lit. "Flipping Table In Anger"): Flips the ground as if it was a chabudai made of Chrome Digizoid, with the flipped ground becoming as hard as Chrome Digizoid.


Digimon Adventure (PSP)

Gankoomon is the final boss of the Digital Dungeon as well as the final boss of Digimon Adventure (PSP).[citation needed]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Gankoomon is one of the Royal Knights and the only neutral party amongst their ranks, choosing to be a mentor to Hackmon, the apprentice Royal Knight, instead of fighting for or against mankind. He tasks Aiba with aiding in Hackmon's training, which makes Hackmon feel betrayed and run to fight BanchoLeomon himself. When Aiba saves Hackmon and completes Gankoomon's request, Gankoomon orders the newly Warp-Digivolved Hackmon, now called Jesmon, to assist Aiba. Gankoomon declines the offer to side with humanity, however, and remains mostly neutral throughout the conflict outside of implied moral support in favor of Omnimon's group.

Notes and references

  1. This name is a pun, as "Jishin! Kaminari! Kaji! Oyaji!" (地神!神鳴!神馳!親父!?) is read literally in Chinese as "Earth-god! Thunder! Longing! Father!" In the Digimon World: Next Order guide book, the technique is phonetically written using the Chinese reading "Dìshén! Shénmíng! Shénchí! Qīnfù!" (ちじん!しんめい!しんち!しんぷ!?)