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Gammamon is the partner Digimon of Hiro Amanokawa in Digimon Ghost Game, and his GulusGammamon form is its main antagonist.


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Gammamon is a Digimon that ended up with Hiro Amanokawa through his father, Hokuto Amanokawa. Brimming with curiosity, he has a habit of trying to bite everything. Despite being mischievous, he obediently listens to what Hiro and the others say. His favorite food is chocolate, going as far as calling it "Champion".[1]

Compared to Angoramon and Jellymon, Gammamon's nature is more like that of a young child. He often uses descriptive words for food and often mispronounced certain phrases such as Trick and Treat as "Turkey and Treatment". This goes in line with him taking on the role of Hiro's younger brother. Despite his young demeanor, Gammamon can muster up the courage to confront challenges and think on the same level as his friends.

Gammamon's past is shrouded in mystery, when Piximon attempted to erase his existence from the past, the little traveler was shown to be confused as to what BetelGammamon was.

Except for Hokuto Amanokawa, Gammamon refers to any human by simply the first two kana in their names, like "Kiyo" for Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai or "Kota" for Kotaro Nomura.


Digimon Ghost Game[]

GulusGammamon is a Digimon known as the "Dark Conqueror" and is the source of Gulus Realm Burst. The Black Dragon of Destruction At some point he became Gammamon, a child-like Digimon that doesn't remember being GulusGammamon, through unspecified means. Gammamon eventually met Hokuto Amanokawa, who made him a scarf from his jacket's sleeve. The Black Zone of Death During his time with Hokuto, GulusGammamon left some GRB through the Digital World in order to contaminate the world and create an army, with both Gammamon and Hokuto unaware of this. The Black Dragon of Destruction.

On October 8 of Hiro Amanokawa's first year at Hazakura Private Academy, Gammamon is delivered to Hiro by BlackGatomon Uver., surprising the boy. A recorded hologram message from Hokuto explains to Hiro about Digimon and the Digital World, and asks Hiro to take care of Gammamon as a little brother. After Hiro manages to materialize Gammamon with the Digivice -V-, the two are attacked by Clockmon, who wants to steal Hiro's time. Gammamon fights Clockmon, guiding him to a nearby park. Clockmon tries to steal Gammamon's time, causing a dark sillhouette to appear above him. Hiro figures out how to use Clockmon's power against himself and saves Gammamon. Hiro's determination to help his new brother causes them to synchronize through the Digivice, allowing the boy to call Gammamon's attacks. They defeat Clockmon, returning all the stolen time to its owners. Clockmon runs away, leaving Gammamon amazed by the power he received from Hiro. The Sewn-lip Man

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The group confronts BloomLordmon, who refuses to let them see his master. BetelGammamon digivolves to Siriusmon and fights BloomLordmon, who eventually detects GulusGammamon inside him. Overpowered, he reverts to Gammamon and is psychically terrorized by GulusGammamon, who takes over the body just as BloomLordmon is about to deal the final blow. GulusGammamon digivolves to Regulusmon and reveals the truth about Gulus Realm Burst, while also claiming Gammamon is gone. Regulusmon is able to fight back against BloomLordmon but is still not strong enough to defeat him. Hiro, realizing Gammamon can still be saved, tricks Regulusmon by pretending to synchronize with him, allowing Canoweissmon to fight him over control of the body. The conflict causes the group and BloomLordmon to be transported to Gammamon's inner world, where Canoweissmon and Regulusmon split.

Canoweissmon digivolves to Siriusmon and fights Regulusmon alongside Diarbbitmon and Amphimon. Enraged, Regulusmon fight back and nearly beat Siriusmon by using "Iphigenia Pierce". The Black Dragon of Destruction Siriusmon, however, came back and beat Regulusmon with his digivolution forms, de-digivolving him back into GulusGammamon due to Hiro. He then devours GulusGammamon because they are the same Digimon and makes peace with him. GulusGammamon briefly takes over control of Gammamon's body to reveal that he's originally from another planet that was destroyed by an evil entity that GulusGammamon identifies as The Endbringer. GulusGammamon had built his army to devour this entity which will be coming to devour Earth in roughly 2,000 years of human time. The Devourer of All

Digimon Dreamers[]

Ritsu Kodo walks passed Hiro Amanokawa on the way to school one day. Gammamon was riding inside Hiro's backpack at the time. A Digimon can dream

Other forms[]


Curimon b

Curimon is Gammamon's Fresh form.


Gurimon b

Gurimon is Gammamon's In-Training form.


BetelGammamon t

BetelGammamon is one of Gammamon's Champion forms. It is offense-oriented. He specializes in combating with fire and melee-styled fighting techniques.

Gammamon digivolved to BetelGammamon to fight Mummymon. The Mystery of the Museum


KausGammamon t

KausGammamon is one of Gammamon's Champion forms. He is flight-oriented.

Gammamon digivolved to combat the air bound Crowmon when Angoramon and Jellymon weren't able to keep up with the large avian Digimon. Birds


WezenGammamon t

WezenGammamon is one of Gammamon's Champion forms. He is range-oriented.

Gammamon digivolved to WezenGammamon to fight Weedmon. Chain Letter

WezenGammamon shot a satellite out of orbit from Earth. Moaning Bug


GulusGammamon t

GulusGammamon is one of Gammamon's Champion forms. He is known as the "Dark Conqueror"[2] (漆黒の覇王 Shikkoku no Haō?, lit. "Jet-black Conqueror").

GulusGammamon is both ruthless and sincere, willing to put his own partner at risk when it serves him, while also showing his partner and younger self affection when out-manuevered.

When Clockmon tries to steal Gammamon's time, GulusGammamon's silhouette hovers above him, terrifying the Machine Digimon. The Sewn-lip Man

When Bokomon sacrifices himself to protect Gammamon from Sealsdramon's attack, Gammamon accidentally digivolves to GulusGammamon in a furious rage that rapidly saps the Digivice -V-. Demanding an explanation from Sealsdramon, GulusGammamon smirks at the assassin's shallow motivations and callously executes him. He dismisses the rest of the party and attempts to break out of the Pseudo Digital World into the Human World, easily fending off TeslaJellymon and Angoramon before Hiro steps between them, and memories of Bokomon cause GulusGammamon to de-digivolve back to Gammamon. Executioner

When Hiro is in danger when Arukenimon tries to devour him, a concerned Gammamon has no choice but to digivolve into GulusGammamon again and stops Arukenimon to prevent him from being devoured. GulusGammamon then proceeded to defeat Arukenimon with his Desdemona. When the fight ended, Hiro wanted to speak with him, GulusGammamon however calmly told Hiro to stay back and that he would speak with Hiro later in the near future before de-digivolving back to Gammamon. The Spider's Lure

When he witnessed Hiro turn into Oboromon's scarf and was filled with rage, Gammamon has no other choice but to digivolve into GulusGammamon. He wasted no time in defeating the Oboromon's new leader with Dead End Skewer and de-power the others' colors. Hiro angrily ordered him to stop GulusGammamon from depowering them and quickly accepts Hiro's words before he de-digivolved back to Gammamon again. The remaining Oboromon became amazed and refer GulusGammamon as the Jet-Black Champion. Human Hunter

When fighting against a misguided ShogunGekomon, Gammamon had no other choice to digivolve into GulusGammamon once again to save Hiro and the others by defeating him. Before being able to finish off ShogunGekomon, Hiro stopped GulusGammamon from proceeding to deleting him. GulusGammamon then questioned Hiro as to why he wouldn't synchronize with him. Gekomon begged him to spare ShogunGekomon's life and GulusGammamon agreed to Gekomon's words with a shrug. After Gekomon freed the people, GulusGammamon kindly told him that the time will come for when they will sync with him as he gives him a happy wink before de-digivolves back to Gammamon. Jiraiya

Siriusmon devours Regulusmon after he de-digivolved back into GulusGammamon. Gammamon startled him by smiling at him, realizes that his almost defeat was part of his plan all along, he accepts his loss. Later, Gammamon makes peace with his own Champion form while developing a treatment for the infected Digimon. GulusGammamon subsequently takes over Gammamon's body briefly with his permission to reveal his past and the threat of The Endbringer. The Devourer of All


Canoweissmon t

Canoweissmon is one of Gammamon's Ultimate forms.

BetelGammamon digivolved to Canoweissmon to fight Myotismon. The Crimson Banquet

When Hiro tricks Regulusmon into synchronizing with him in order to save Gammamon, Canoweissmon starts to emerge from Regulusmon's body, causing both of them and everyone nearby to be transported to their inner world, where the two fully split. Canoweissmon then digivolves to Siriusmon. The Black Dragon of Destruction


Regulusmon is one of Gammamon's Ultimate forms as well GulusGammamon's Ultimate form once Canoweissmon separates with Regulusmon thanks to Gammamon's brainstorming.

GulusGammamon digivolves to Regulusmon to fight BloomLordmon. He is able to match BloomLordmon's power, but still has one of his horns destroyed by him. Hiro tricks Regulusmon into synchronizing with him to save Gammamon, causing Regulusmon and Canoweissmon to split and transporting everyone nearby to their inner world. Angered, Regulusmon fights Siriusmon, Diarbbitmon, and Amphimon and nearly beats Siriusmon with his "Iphigenia Pierce". However, with the help of Hiro, Siriusmon heals himself and forces Regulusmon to de-digivolve by quickly switching between his digivolution forms. The Black Dragon of Destruction


Siriusmon t

Siriusmon is Gammamon's Mega form.

Canoweissmon digivolved to Siriusmon to fight Kuzuhamon. Impurity

Ghost Taxi Resurrection The Strange Floor Gluttony The Call The Black Zone of Death

Siriusmon fights BloomLordmon but is overpowered, reverting to Gammamon. After splitting from Regulusmon in their inner world, Canoweissmon digivolves to Siriusmon and fights his other half with Diarbbitmon and Amphimon, but an enraged Regulusmon manages to make a hole on his chest by using "Iphigenia Pierce". The Black Dragon of Destruction


Gammamon Dim Card[]

The Gammamon DiM Card, an expansion for the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster series of virtual pets, is inspired by Gammamon and his evolutions.[3]

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