Galemon is a Bird Dragon Digimon. It has large wings and distinct, blade-like horns. Its hardened horns, further developed than those of Pteromon, grant Galemon a kind of sixth sense, allowing it to rapidly detect abnormalities in its surroundings through the winds they sense. An intelligent Digimon, Galemon can strike first by utilizing its ability to predict not only environmental changes, but threats such as enemy ambushes and attacks as well. Also able to move around on four legs, Galemon can stay low to the ground to conceal its presence as it approaches enemies. As its preferred diet comprises fruit and nuts, Galemon possesses a deep connection to herbivorous Digimon. It has a symbiotic relationship with these plant-eating Digimon, who provide Galemon with food in return for its protecting their territory.[1] GrandGalemon, using its winds, can convey instructions and deliver warnings to groups of Galemon, ensuring the forest's safety.[2]


  • Hurricane Slicer: Generates large gusts of razor-sharp wind.
  • Tornado Launcher (Tornado Thrower): Uses its mouth to blow twisters at its opponents.



Galemon (ゲイルモン)

Official romanization given the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.


Digimon Liberator[]

Main article: Galemon (Liberator)

During Shoto's second turn in his duel against Frozen Knight, he digivolves his ST18-05: Muchomon into his second copy of ST18-08: Galemon (the first having digivolved from ST18-04: Pteromon earlier it the duel) with this causing Frozen Knight's memory to become 2. Both Galemon and EX7-034: GrandGalemon use their Vortex effects, with this allowing them to attack despite the memory being on Frozen Knight's side. Galemon attacks the suspended EX7-017: SnowAgumon — destroying it. Galemon then uses Muchomon's inherited effect piercing effect to check one of Frozen Knight's security cards. In a later turn, EX7-023: Hexeblaumon's on digivolving effect strips Galemon of its digivolution sources — sending both Fluffymon and Muchomon to Shoto's trash. Out of Control (Part 1) Due to Hexeblaumon's effect, Galemon spent the rest of the duel unable to suspend as it had less digivolution sources than it (4 to 0). Galemon's presence also causes more issues for Shoto, as Frozen Knight is able to use multiple effects that only work if Shoto has a Digimon with 0 digivolution sources. Shoto eventually goes on to win the duel, Galemon watching the events unable to do anything other than strengthen Frozen Knight. Out of Control (Part 2) During the duel, Shoto also digivolved another copy of ST18-04 into another copy of ST18-08 which then digivolved to ST18-12: Zephagamon. Out of Control (Part 1) Pteromon then fused its consciousness with this stack. Out of Control (Part 2)

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